Food, Lights, and Movies

Kate Okabe, Reporter

It’s 2018. A new school year, new friends, new teachers, and…new movies. With the new year over 1,000 movies have been released.  Whether it’s between movies in theaters, educational videos, or even new Netflix releases, about over 400 more movies are going to be released through the rest of this year.

“I think [going to movies] is really fun, especially if you go with friends,” said Sophomore Noah Smith. Going out to see movies is an activity that people of all ages and different tastes can enjoy. As the A.C.T testing grows nearer and students become more stressed, they need a way to relieve the tension. Movies offer the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Junior Taylor Martinez said, “I think it depends on the movie, really, because you could either watch a movie completely opposite of what you are thinking about and yeah it might take your mind off it or could watch a movie that’s associated with things that are on your mind and you just think about it even more maybe go cry in a tub of ice cream.”

Trailers are an essential part in the success of movies. “Usually after seeing a trailer I get intrigued by something and I am more likely to remember than just hearing about it by ear […] trailers for me just help me remember that the movie even exists. If I don’t see trailers then I completely forget about the movie honestly,” said Martinez. It takes less than 150 MS for the human brain to process a thought. This means that the trailer has to make a good impression or the success of the movie diminishes quickly.

“It’s the shots and how they film the movie so the more different angles that you have at one point in the trailer makes the movie more interesting,” says Senior Zach Jensen, who takes an advanced movie making class.

Music plays a huge impact on the final product of a movie. “Music can be used to create the perfect atmosphere in a particular film scene, by setting the right tone and mood for the plot moment,” said Faisal from WorkInEntertainment.

Think about the last horror movie you watched. If the scene didn’t have that unnerving music in the background, it would not be as dramatic. Music also adds to the overall feeling of a movie you wouldn’t find modern rap in a movie set in the 50’s. The soundtrack will attract audience members who would normally skim over the trailer.

Key factors like music, trailers, feeling, plus many more things are essential to making a great movie. All these key factors are what drives people to the movies and helps us take our mind off of things and filter out emotions. This may be a great year for food, lights, and movies.