Sony Bans Cross-Platform Gaming

Diego Torres, Reporter

Sony, creators of the second most popular console, has decided to end cross-platform gaming. Disabling Playstation gamers to connect with other people in the gaming community. Limiting gamers to more controlled connections.

Cross-platform is a special connection that connects numerous consoles together for gamers to interact with each other. Players from all over the world can connect without an issue. From Nintendo, Xbox, and PC, the gaming community has never been more connected on a global scale. Such an innovation not only breaks down walls in the gaming community but also build a whole new one up.

Gamers around the world came to the realization that some of their games could not interact with other consoles. Popular at the moment, Fortnite Battle Royale, created by Epic Games, is a free to play battle royale game where you are put up against 100 players and battle to become #1 and receive a “Victory Royale”. Many gamers were riled up once realizing that their Epic account would not be accessible on their Playstations, and then on their Nintendo Switches.

Johnny Quintanilla, a senior at Taylorsville High, also a Sony gamer was “disappointed” in the decision. “The gaming industry is about connecting people, so when a game developer creates a game it’s a piece of art, but a piece of art isn’t just for a certain group of people, it’s for everyone to experience to connect to others,” Quintanilla said.

The corporation of Sony has planned a block for gamers playing cross-platform. They hope that the blocked access will enable their company to make more money, and isolate competition, to become superior once again. Slowly but surely, Sony has begun blocking cross-platform gaming. Sony’s decision hasn’t been completely fleshed out and dates of permanent action are to be determined.

Drew Holland, a senior at Taylorsville High said, “It’s not fair that we have to buy another console to play with your friends. I get that it’s a competitive market, and they’re trying to get money, but it has already affected me. I’ve bought a Playstation just to be able to play with my friends.”

Many students in Taylorsville high will surely be affected by this change that Sony has decided to make. Sony’s goal, however, has led gamers switching to other consoles to continue to cross-platform. This plan will affect the competitive sales away from Sony’s grasps for sure.

Even though Sony is a well-known company, with the net worth of over 13.6 billion dollars, it’s no surprise that many people are unaware of this future change.

Sony is standing firm with their decision. No actions have been made yet, except for a handful of public explanations on the situation. Students are still waiting to see just how far Sony will go, to make a profit, and keep gamers apart, as well if they will make the switch to a much more diverse console.