There’s no accidental use of a racial slur


Sarah Al-Barkawi, Web Editor

There’s a saying an old saying, “Think before you speak” for those who use racial slurs on a daily basis with or without realizing it. Racial slurs become their new language here in the United States as people who come from all over the world face the cruelty of racial slurs and xenophobia.

So what is a racial slur? Oxford English Dictionary describes a racial slur as,A derogatory or insulting term applied to particular group of people”. However, In American society has been to be very ignorant with their words and here are some examples of some racial slurs.

N-word– This is the most common derogatory racial slur that dehumanizes black people. . Yet it’s so easy to use famous youtubers such as Pewdiepie, Tana Mongeau, and many others will always be will constantly be excused for their actions. Junior Zola Simone (real name withheld) teary eyed said,” I’ve been called this and I constantly hear this everywhere I go it makes me furious because this slur makes me feel empty makes me feel like I’m an animal to everyone and to those who say it I every day I hope your ignorance will get to one day learn the history of that slur” . As I interviewed another student Sophomore Matthew Kahina (real name withheld) said,” I can’t describe the disgust when I hear this I hate it when people say it doesn’t just affect us African American but others from different countries it breaks us down and our relationship with you which making not worthy of our respect”.


Gypsy– an unknown racial slur in our society .It originates for Romani being accused called gypsies and were persecuted according to,”. During World War II by the government of Nazi Germany and its allies to exterminate the Romani people of Europe[1]. Under the rule of Adolf Hitler, a supplementary decree to the Nuremberg Laws was issued on 26 November 1935, defining Gypsies as “enemies of the race-based state, the same category as Jews”. Alexandra rose ( real name withheld),” I never knew that this was a racial slur I used to say this all the time and now I feel guilty as heck my advice is to learn what a word means before you speak it because you will hurt a person’s feeling”


Hot Pocket– So you may be confused and probably thinking that hot pocket, “Oh the pizza you heat up in the microwave right”? Wrong. This slur is for the Jews who were cremated in the gas chambers in Auschwitz, Poland during World War II. Sophomore Adam Kornfeld ( real name withheld),”This slur  isn’t very common to the Jewish community, not everyone will understand what it means but it breaks my heart to know that people think it’s such a funny thing to say when all of those people died during the reign of Hitler and that my people lived in an anti-Semitism world”.


Wetback – For Latino Americans this is a common racial slur it originated from an Mission known as Operation wetback in 1954 where the military decided to assault on illegal immigrants coming to the U.S sending them back to Mexico soon this plot disbanded of the outcry of latin Americans for their rights and being racially profiled . Junior Sophomore Erica Valdez (real name with) said,”I remember the first time I was called this I couldn’t stop crying I was born here in the U.S soil this country is supposed to make a difference in diversity not tear it down”.


Terrorist– This is another common slur for those who are from Middle Eastern and African countries or anyone perceived as “Muslim” or Arab. This slur gained traction after 9/11 happened it more people began to fear the new cultures arriving here in America and most decided to take action in their hands by harassing them with this derogatory remark. Junior Sajida Kathum ( real name withheld) said,” Wow where do I begin I’ve been called this a thousand times it infuriates me I never hurt anyone ever I came here as a refugee to get away do even know the issues happening across the world people are being murdered by ISIS and other terrorist groups and yet people are blinded by bigotry and racism”


As Taylorsville students share their response of racial slurs it is important as a society we educate the true meaning of racial slurs and that no one ever just says a slur on “accident” as xenophobia still rises to this day we as people can make a difference by educating ourselves.