Teenage drivers suck

Teenage drivers suck

Calle Hansen, Opinion Editor

Teenagers are infamous for their awful driving skills, and their goal to break world record for broken laws.

After passing their drivers test it only takes about two and a half minutes for them to forget all the safety regulations that it took an entire term to learn.

Teenage drivers find speeding through school parking lots, and endangering their fellow students’ lives incredibly entertaining. The thrill of speed is more important than someone’s lives, I guess.

You hear in the news about students that stupidly drove off a cliff, or crashed into a pole while speeding a lost control all the time. You would think that this would slow the speed-hungry kiddos flying down the road, but no. They never learn. They don’t quite get the idea that cars are big scary metal death traps that can literally kill you and those around you.

Just because you have your license to drive doesn’t mean you have your license to kill, so just flippen slow down, you delinquents.

Cars aren’t just dangerous, they are extremely expensive, and just think of all that money you can save for things like McDonald’s or college if you don’t put the gas pedal all the way down every time the light turns green. You do realize that it wears out your tires, and is just as good for your engine as a triple greasy burger.

Nobody likes the smell of burnt rubber, and nobody likes it when they have to spend hundreds of dollars on new tires.

What it comes down to is teenagers put the priority on the thrill of the wheel rather than the importance of following safety laws.

There are really no good things about driving crazy. You don’t get where you need to go any faster because 94.6% of the time you get stuck at the same stoplight as everyone else, and then you have to awkwardly look them in the eyes knowing that you just spend twice the amount of gas to get to the same spot. Awkward right? And even more expensive.

The sad thing is some people just never grow out of it. Thirty years later they are still driving like they are sixteen year old speed friendly crazies. However now with years of experience they can expertly cut people off, and change lanes without using blinkers, which we all know are the tools of amature drivers.

Other items of unimportance are speed limits, white lines on the roads, speed bumps, slowing down in neighborhoods, and of course the brake pedal.

Because who would slow down to turn into neighborhoods.? 40 miles an hour in a neighborhood is plenty slow am I right?

In all seriousness all I ask is that you just follow the law. It may seem like a crazy thing to do, but people do it all the time, and they live perfectly fun, and spontaneous lives.