The Evolution of Gaming

Chris Vlamakis, Reporter

Gaming right now is evolving by the minute, the gaming world is changing as we know it. In about 20 years of gaming we now have graphics, pixels, and high speed data. Gamers also now have virtual reality a new type of gaming or so gamers believe.

Virtual reality (VR), was actually invented back in 1957 by a man named Morton Heilig, the invention was not patented until 1962.

Ever since the VR came out in the 60s. VR was a 360 degree mural that allowed the user to interact and study the art in a more simple manner. The gaming world has evolved since that time. The VR is now able to play actual games with special controllers made for the VR.

The latest systems to come out are the Ps4 Pro and the Xbox one X. These two companies have had a very long rivalry to see which system is better. This rivalry started in 2001 when Microsoft released the new Original Xbox. Although the Xbox came out in 2001 the Playstation was already out every since the late 90s as it was the reigning champion in the market. Even though the Xbox was the new kid on the block it had all the might of Bill Gates empire behind it. Microsoft has also had more experience in the console market then sony has.  

An online website named has shown that the Xbox one X is more evolved than the Ps4 Pro. Certain things go into gaming systems such as a processor chip. These chips are used to enhance the internet speed and capabilities. The Ps4 Pro chip is a 8-core 2.13GHz processor, The Xbox one X has a 8-core 2.3GHz processor which is almost double that of the Ps4’s. Blake Hamilton, a senior at Taylorsville high says, “According to what I saw over the weekend, yes the Ps4 seems to be more glitchy than the Xbox”.

Another thing that goes into gaming is the graphics. The graphics consist of TFLOPS (Trillion Floating Point Operations Per Second), which is the simplest way of measuring graphical horsepower. GBs (gigabytes) is the bandwidth of that memory which tells you how fast the GPU can move frames through your memory and to your display. The PS4 Pro has 4.12 TFLOPS, 218GB/s, 8GB GDDR5. The Xbox One X has 6 TFLOPS, 326GB/s, 12GB GDDR5 which is a hundred more than a PS4 Pro.

Blake Dinsdale, a Senior at Jordan high school explains, “I believe the Xbox One X is better because it has a better cpu and graphics control. The only downfall to it is that you need a TV that is compatible to 4k to get the best graphics out of the Xbox. The Xbox One X stays at 60hz a second so matter what you will not experience any lag and have the best connection to the internet”. Ty Debenham, a senior in Taylorsville high school states “Although I don’t have the Xbox One X, I think it has better graphics because it runs more smoothly then the PS4 Pro can”. Although these are newest systems to come out there is still newer systems in the making, and the rivalry with Sony and Microsoft will go on.