Xbox vs. PlayStation

Kainoa Smith, Reporter

In today’s world most kids get home after school and hop on their gaming console and play with their friends or just have a chat. Hands down the most popular ones are the Xbox console, which is owned by Microsoft and the PlayStation, which is owned by Sony. However the question that has been going around alot in today’s schools is, which is best and which one can you rely on when it comes both the social and gaming aspect of each individual console.


Let’s start with Xbox which was founded in 2001 by Microsoft. The original Xbox was released in the February of 2001 in North America and introduced to Japan, Australia, and Europe in the February of 2002. Four years later in 2004 Microsoft another in the series called the Xbox 360. This was a huge success and sold over 78.2 million units as of June 18, of 2013. The latest in the series is the Xbox One, which released in November 22, 2013. Some aspects of the Xbox that has been pretty consistent throughout the whole series were, the ability to join parties and talk with others across the nation or even the world, you can have up to 8 gigs of RAM and Flash memory. It also includes 500 gigabytes of storage, however you can also external hard drives for additional storage. Your Xbox runs on an Eight Core AMD custom CPU and supports Blu-ray disk.


Next is the PlayStation, founded and created by Sony Interactive Entertainment in the year 1994. There are four consoles so far in the series, the PlayStation (PS), PlayStation 2 (PS2), PlayStation 3(PS3), and PlayStation 4(PS4). Each of these all sold well over four million units within the first year of there release. In addition to the consoles, Sony also released little accessories that could be added on top of the basic controller and console game play. For example they released the PSX, a digital video recorder was released to be paired with the PS and the PS2. Another was the Dual Shock, this allowed vibration feedback to the user. The latest in the series is the PS4, this includes potentially over 500 gigabytes of storage because of the removable hard disk drive, since external hard drives aren’t supported. It also includes an Eight Core processor, with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz.


However these are just statistics and specs, what do the people around you think? “I have an Xbox, because most of my friends have one”(Anonymous) Here this person didn’t look at the best they simply wanted a fun time with their friends and Xbox made that happen. Another friend who would like to remain unnamed said “(PS4) Allows me to upload straight to YouTube without much trouble” Here he picked it because it allows him to upload videos easier then Xbox would. All in all you shouldn’t pick by what other people say or what’s the most popular, pick one on the basis of what you need and what will benefit you the most.