Tinkers Cat Cafe

Sequoia Salazar, Reporter


If you enjoy cats and coffee, this is the place for you, from the beautiful interior filled with painting to the yummy holiday drinks. Tinker’s Cat Cafe is a Utah business founded by Lisa Boone, located on 302 E  900 S SLC UTAH 84111. Boone is a pet enthusiast herself, owning two cats and other pets as well. Boone also has interests in Yoga, gardening, art and the environment, all things that tie into the cozy design of the cafe.

This downtown hangout is purrfect for a quick coffee break. The small interior leads to a cozy cafe with a relaxing vibe and lots of drinks and sweets to choose from.

Tinker’s is the first of its kind here in Utah, causing a constant business to stir through. Walk-ins are welcome to come and enjoy a cup of coffee and play with the cats, but reservations online are the way to go. Reservations are easy to come by, spots are available every hour. The fee of eight dollars an hour for adults and six dollars for children is a small fee to pay to enter the cat lounge.

The cat lounge is a large room through the doors of the cafe where the cats reside, filled with toys, food and spots for the cats to lounge. Health standards do not allow the cats to be in the food area, but do not fret! You can bring your drinks into the cat room.

Tinker’s Cat Cafe offers classes on the website for people to sign up to paint or even play croquet with the cats. Boone also offers Yoga with cats, for $20.

Ticket prices are necessary so the cafe can afford to buy food and toys for all the cats, they also have a donation box for you to leave presents.

If you enjoy the cafe so much that you can’t possibly leave without merchandise, do not worry. The cafe has a vast collection of memorabilia to take home, ranging from t-shirts to buttons, and car stickers, many of them created by local artists.

The lovely cats themselves have all came from Utah shelters and are mostly all up for adoption, ready for patrons to take them home. On Tinkers Instagram page, workers keep track of how many cats are adopted, along with photos of the cats and updates on the cafe.