How To Be an Internet Artist


Danika Shane, Reporter

Social Media is a growing industry for many artists working to connect with fans easier and to broadcast their own creations. Artists like Katie Daisy, whose feed is filled with paintings including inspirational literature and quotes, and Humby Art, who creates mesmerizing time-lapsed process videos showing his work with watercolor and ink, started small with probably little to no followers.

Student artists struggle trying to find the right way to go about showing their art and making connections with further artists. Just like artist Squid Vishuss states, “You almost can’t succeed in this day and age without some form of online marketing.” It seems like the only way to make it as a well-known artist is to do it online.

With the expanding life of social media and the internet, where to start can be rather confusing for most. Instagram could be the outlet for many artist to use to get out there with ease.

It has an easy platform where users post a picture and add hashtags to get more views on their posts. Users can even pay to get more views and broadcast their posts.

To keep in mind so you don’t get disheartened, everyone starts with zero followers. Even big stars like Banksy started with zero followers. It may feel like you are only getting two likes per post and that may be how you lose the confidence in wanting to keep going but you have to know you have to start out somewhere.

“If you are someone who wants active followers, because that’s the way you can almost promote your business. Just post, as often as you can. Join challenges and contests where you have the chance to get your art featured on well known accounts. And even just drawing popular characters from tv shows, popular actors, etc. they could recognize you. But ultimately it’s up to almost luck on whether or not they discover your account in the millions of others.. as sad as that sounds,” said Jane Doe (real name withheld).

The website MyModernMet states, “…if you can push through the low follower rates, the first six months will prove worth your while. Once you start steadily gaining followers, the rate in which you gain them will increase exponentially.”

Hashtags are the key to others finding your content. They are an easy and valuable search tool. It is recommended to use at least seven hashtags in your post. There are some hashtags, however, which have millions upon millions of posts. Popular hashtags can and will push your content down the timeline almost immediately since people are constantly posting to it. So, add hashtags that are less likely to be used or posted to ensure that your content has a chance at being seen.

Instagram is a social media platform for a reason—it encourages you to interact with others online. Engaging with your audience will also help gain more followers. You can do this in two ways. One is to like your follower’s posts; they will notice and do the same. The other way is to leave comments that show that you’re interested in the content that this person is posting. Avoid saying things like, “Nice pic! Check out my shop.” or “Wow, you should follow me.” It sounds spammy and not very genuine.

Senior Justin Mccoy said, “I would suggest that they lose the fear of being judged. It might happen it might not. It’s best to just put yourself out there, and the ones who like it? Will. And those who don’t? Are missing out.”

[Don’t] compare yourself to other artists, work on finding your own style, and consistency and practice will help you develop your skill,” said Squid Vishuss.

Artists like Squid Visshus even sell their art on Instagram and Esty.  A survey done by Gallery Insight started, “… collectors on Instagram, 51.5% have purchased works from artists they originally discovered through Instagram.”

The website EmptyEasel states, “…deciding to sell your art online could be the best choice you’ll ever make. “ Starting out can be rather problematic for those who are just learning the ropes of social media.  

A simple key to keep with you at all times is to not get disheartened by the beginnings if this is something you are truly passionate about. Keep going and find your own way to make it.