Are short people easily offended?

Short people seem to be more aggressive towards taller companions

Lia Lynn, Reporter

Our fellow students of 5’ 3” and under. They are not only small, but they get offended far too easily. Are our vertically challenged friends quickly angered? Or are their short tempers due to their taller classmates?

First, students were asked if they would be offended/upset if a taller friend refused to grab something from the top shelf. Results on this question said 72 percent of the students asked would be offended by this and only 28 percent of the audience would not be fazed by the friend refusing to assist.

Sophomore Kaitlyn Parker said “If they say no then I have to jump to get it and they [Her taller friend] will just laugh at me jumping for it.” Other students also felt this is what would happen next.

Students were then asked if they would be offended/upset if a taller friend asked them to grab something from the bottom shelf. The results were surprisingly 78 percent of the student asked said “No”. The most common response to this question was that this may be a rude thing to ask someone to do, but they would still get it for their friend.

Obviously both short and tall people have their strengths and weaknesses. Taller students gave me a list of struggles they have; This list included: Being too big for shorter chairs, ducking for ceiling fans, and buying clothes that fit correctly.

Now, before you think short people have the advantage the shorter students gave me their list as well. Which included: Being too short to get into thing such as cars and chairs, getting pushed around in crowds, and being picked on for buying clothes in the kids section.

When asked about strengths for people above 5’ 6” the answers given were seeing above the crowd, reaching things, and sports such as basketball. Strengths for others under 5’ 3” were Fitting in small areas, being in front in group photos, and being describe as cute or adorable in size.

Both sides have some things they struggle with or things they excel at because of their height. But If taken for a closer look, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference from the top shelf and the bottom shelf. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, but at the end of the day they are both just shelves.