Gift Giving

Diego Torres, Reporter

The end of Thanksgiving not only brings lots of leftovers but also black Friday shopping, and with it gift giving. The constant struggle of ‘Oh no! What’s their sweater size?’ and ‘Is this their favorite color?’ to your wallet screaming from emptiness. Until the unspeakable happens, Becca, that girl from your English class that you haven’t talked to in five years buys you a necklace. Panic.

“I feel pressured into buying stuff and feel like I’m not gonna have enough money to buy things for my family, but I’ll make it work somehow,” said senior Hector Rios. The most annoying part of gift giving is receiving the gift. Especially when you didn’t have a gift planned for the person that just gave you that neatly wrapped box.

The average high school student goes through the similar five steps of acceptance: Starting with Denial. ‘Naw, I don’t need to get them anything right?’ Then anger ‘ughh I can’t believe I have to get out of my bed to go to Walmart on my day off!’. Bargaining, ‘Well, it’s not like they’ll ever know how much this gift was right? Let’s get the cheaper one!’ Depression, *crying* ‘I don’t even have wrapping paper or tape.’ Acceptance, ‘Fine *purchases gum*.’

The guilt that many students and adults feel when someone buys them a gift is somewhat of a paradox. “It’s just a nice gesture,” said senior Itzel Alamilla. When buying someone a gift it’s best to just explain that gift giving is not equivalent exchange! This transaction isn’t a trade, it’s a gift, meaning free. Yes, it’s often natural for people to be expecting something in return when really all some students can give is a ‘Thank you’.

“Instead of stressing about gifts for every single one of our friends, we’ve decided to do either white elephants or secret Santa so we can kind of lower the amount of stress that we have to put on ourselves for choosing gifts for so many people,” said Art teacher Nicole Lavely.

The many sleepless nights and long days at the mall is a true struggle when shopping for Christmas gifts. That’s the beauty behind Secret Santa and White Elephant Parties. Why spend $50+ each for all your 20+ friends when you can just buy one! Genius. Not only that but if it’s a secret Santa/white elephant party, you can make it so no one knows who bought what! Genius.

With the ever-growing tears collected from everyone around the world on Black Friday, it’s good to remember what Christmas is really all about . . . . .  the gifts. Just kidding!

All the traditions and eggnog, and maybe snow if you’re lucky, really help you remember that Christmas is not about the gift, it’s about being together with loved ones, getting blackout drunk, spending time with those important people in your life, and waiting for a mysterious bearded man to break into your house.