Player Profile: Cameron Millican


Diana Nguyen, Reporter

Junior, 6’3″ Cameron Millican is Taylorsville High School’s guard. Cameron has been playing basketball since he was in kindergarten.

“Ever since I was little there was something about basketball that I loved so I decided to give it a try and have loved it ever since,” said Millican.

Millican played basketball at Eisenhower as well as for Taylorville High School. Millican has scored 189 points so far in the season averaging around 16 points a game. That is just the beginning of it with 8 more games to go.

Just like other players on the team, Millican has built many friendships through playing basketball as well as making friendships extend to another level with it.

“We met through basketball in the 6th grade and ever since then, we have always clicked especially when we are on the court together playing the sport we both love,” said Junior, Cole Nebeker.

Balancing between school and conditioning for the next basketball season is already hard enough but Millican manages to do it very well while keeping a social life. Millican not only plays for our basketball team here at Taylorsville but he also plays for a team out of school named Salt Lake Bounce.

Millican’s passion for basketball has not only gained him lifetime friendships but it has also given him many new opportunities in life. “I would have missed out on lots of opportunities in life if I didn’t play basketball”, said Millican.

As of right now, Millican has Salt Lake Community college looking at him with 9 more games to go and another whole season senior year.

Millican has not decided what he would want to do after high school, but he hopes to be able to play basketball while getting a degree in whichever field he decides on. He does hope he gets an offer to play for Ohio State, if not he will go to whichever school gives him the best offer.