The Taylorsville Softball Season


Maximus Montoya

Taylorsville High’s Softball team batting at the game against Jordan

Adalyn Baddley, Reporter

The Taylorsville softball team’s Spring 2018 season was filled with many ups and downs. The team started with only one win in the first nine games. Then went on to win nine out of the next ten games giving them an edge going into their first round of playoffs. Though after a devastating loss to Bingham in the second round the team just couldn’t come back and went on to lose to Kearns to end their 2018 year.

  “We were growing and learning as a team, but we didn’t play to our full potential,” said JV Captain, Samie Stevens. The team is definitely on the younger side, after all there were fourteen underclassmen and only three seniors last year. Despite the team being more than half underclassmen only three started full-time varsity.

  “I felt that all in all we were very good under pressure and got gritty and found a way to win,” said former Captain, Savanna Montoya. Despite everything that happened over the season they always had each other’s backs. “We stuck together even in the worst times,” said JV MVP, Brooklynn Poole.

  Last year, the softball team had all new coaches, Jace Hymas, Jamie Bastow, and Marqi Parker, The team and the coaches had a little trouble getting used to each other at first, but once everyone got settled into the routine they started playing as a team instead of individuals.

  “I’d like them all to find their strong suits this year,” said Montoya. This coming year the team is going to try to start off the year strong and keep going until the very end. “I’d like to see everyone giving support and helping out to no matter what,” said Stevens.

  Although last year had a lot of twists and turns, the team did everything they could to play well and to represent the school the best that they could. Next year will have lots of new surprises but with every new problem the team will stick together and find a way to come out on top.