Short track speed skating skater World Cup

Kate Okabe, Reporter

Everyone knows the Winter Olympic sports and World Cup there’s ski, figure skating, snowboarding, hockey, curling, but there is one sport that everyone usually doesn’t know about and that’s speed skating. Junior Regan Tolley, who is a hockey player, said, “I know that there is definitely a huge difference between speed skating and hockey. But I know a couple of things, I know it’s definitely more leg work than hockey because hockey is definitely more physical where speed skating is kind of just using your legs and trying to get more powerful.”

Even though many students don’t know that there was a World Cup Tournament held locally ,November 9th through the 10th, there are some people who do.

“I, actually, sang the national anthem there [Salt Lake Oval], and yeah I liked it [speed skating]. It was really cool and it was a great experience,” said junior Tolley. The speed skating world cup started November 2nd in Calgary, Canada and ends February 10th in Torino, Italy. Many people are cheering for the athletes from afar or in person.

With the World Cup there are World Records that the athletes can break and many were able to. Wu Daijing broke a World Record again with the time of 39.505 second in the men’s five hundred meter, and the silver and bronze winners also went under 40 seconds. Not only was this the only thing that amazed the spectators but the rise of Hungary was glorious. Two brothers Shaoang and Shaolin Liu lead the single and team relays by a long shot this year.

Hungary won their first gold medal at the Winter Olympics in the men’s 5,000 meter relay on February 22, 2018 in Gangneung, South Korea (Republic of Korea). Hungary has never won a short-track medal at the Winter Olympics with the Olympic record time of 6 minutes 31.971 second and China finished 0.064 seconds behind getting second and Canada got third.