How to give throughout the year

Alivia Odle, Reporter

There are often ads for Toys For Tots or other organizations during the holidays to help people in need. The holidays are usually the time that people seem to be in the giving mood. But people need the help year round, not just during this time of the year.
A problem that people face around the year is hunger. A national charity non-profit organization called Action Against Hunger focuses on getting donations to provide food for young children. Many children are living in poverty and can’t get enough food. In Utah about one in seven kids face hunger.
It is really easy to give to this organization. For example, donating $45 will provide 45 days of food for a child in need. They believe that it is important because no child should live in hunger. They won’t stop this organization until that is solved.
Junior Emily Walters said, “What if I don’t want to spend money?” For students and people who do not have the finances available and still want to donate, other things can be done that don’t involve money. Other things can be done that don’t involve money. For example, people can donate their time to helping others, give blood, donate items that they may not use any more, even shopping in the right places. There are so many ways to help people that don’t involve money at all.
People are always needing supplies to get by. If cleaning out the garage, room, or anything then take all of the things that aren’t used anymore and take it to a homeless shelter, a donation box at a grocery store, or look into some charities that accept donations.
An organization called Reach Out And Read accepts book donations. They also have volunteers that go and read to children in hospitals. This is a really easy organization to be a part of.
Senior Jane Kamensky (real name withheld) said, “I went and signed up for this organization and we went to a hospital. We read to all of the little kids and played games with them. It was super fun and really made me feel good that I was able to help them out.”
The American Red Cross is well-known and focuses on helping people during natural disasters. They may provide donations to people and help with the clean up as well. 91% of donations that are given to this organization goes straight to the community that is in need, according to the Red Cross.
All in all, there are easy organizations that anyone can be a part of. Whether they cost or don’t cost, they are still helping someone in need. These organizations go year-round to help people who are in need.