Everyone knows the feeling of not wanting to get out of bed, maybe you’re dragging yourself to work or school everyday. When you don’t want do any of these you’re automatically called lazy but is that really the case? Or is it because you lack motivation? Ah yes, the cruel word that starts with an ‘M’ may seem to drive people up the wall and make people cry but, what exactly is motivation?

Motivation is defined as “Always wanting to do better….if it stayed the same, it would stay stagnant, then you aren’t doing what you’re supposed to do.” According to Mrs. Tarrant, the choir director. Motivation has been justified as setting goals and going through with them whether its for school, dieting,work or just personal things. In the moment of not feeling motivated, sometimes you might feel bored, irritable or restless. When feeling all of those things, it put stress on you causing you to add unwanted things to your list. The causes of lack of motivation are different for everyone, but the most common is stress. Stress can take a toll on your body if you’re feeling like that on a regular basis. Some of the things that stress can cause are: headache, muscle tension, chest pain, upset stomach and sleep problems.  To help relieve these side effects some people like to do physical activities, write in journals or vent to friends and family to get the energy boosted up again.

Why is motivation important? In many (or the majority of) cases, it helps you keep going even if you feel like you can’t anymore. Motivation is knowing that you can complete the goals you set and knowing that it’ll have a good outcome on you sooner or later. The energy that comes with motivation helps to keep you going. “(It help works towards the things of what we want )” Says Ms. Lavely, art teacher. If you’re never doing what you intend to do, then the motivation is lost. “Motivation is a thing that helps you feel excited and have energy and the focus to get something done or do something and it’s mostly task oriented” Adds Lavely.  It’s important to have it to be able to finish your goals, daily tasks and and work or school related things done on time.

Keeping a task-oriented journal or setting reminders can help with the upkeep of motivation. Sometimes start the ball rolling, cleaning your room, organizing your backpack, eating a healthy meal or even just a little moment for a good deep breathing session can spark the beginning of motivation. Motivation isn’t a chore you have to dust or vacuum or clean weekly. It’s a feeling and a mindset of getting things done and having a positive attitude to go along with it.