Do schools prepare students to handle adult life


Artwork By: Andrea Ruiz

Andrew J. Tidwell, Reporter

Are where we go to learn how to function in society but do they teach us skills we will use after were out?

Let’s see what people think about this. Some people think that schools are lacking in teaching us everything we need to know to be prepared after high school. And others feel like the schools are doing A great job so far but some of the main problems are schools don’t teach about doing taxes and other life skills that they could substitute for some classes we have and have classes that better prepare us for the real world. What happens because of this is that adults after school will be unable to do things that they need to know how to do.

Senior Tavin Pacheco said “ It depends on what the class is teaching that most of what we learn about the real world is in the halls and that’s the real world right there” And when asked if there were any classes the school should introduce to help students better Pacheco said, “ If the schools had A stress class to help students learn how to deal with the stress of the real world,” so it seems that in this particular interview that the person believes that the school somewhat does prepare us and can improve on it and that’s good.

Senior Naomi Esparza said, “ I think that schools need to do better at preparing students for their adult lives where some classes do this good others are just fill classes that don’t,” and when asked the same thing as before Esparza said, “ I think that if some of the classes incorporated things into their teaching plans the school can stay how it is like if financial literacy did more to teach you how to do your taxes and how they work I feel like there’s more that the school can do to help than it is,” with that it shows that students want classes to change and help more with adult life after high school rather than being thrown out in a world where if they fail they might not get a second chance.

Like we have seen so far it seems that schools are not doing a great job on teaching and preparing us students for the real world now let’s consult some other sources like Andrea Huang from the Golden Arrow newspaper where she said, “Although schools do expose students to valuable skills such as perseverance, responsibility, and social skills, they do not account for the skills used in day-to-day life. For example, the school does offer classes that teach students how much to tip in a restaurant, how to prepare for a job interview, write a resume, or even how to pay common bills.” And again another person who believes that schools should change and teach other things then they are and are they going to do anything about it we don’t know but we want them to.