Thanksgiving: the forgotten holiday


Artwork By: Kate Takemaru

Serina Taylor, Reporter

Every year as Thanksgiving approaches there seems to be less and less talk on the holiday. All over the news and around stores there are signs of Halloween, Black Friday sales, and Christmas, but little to no signs of Thanksgiving.

Though there is no official data that has been collected or observed, it appears as though retailers are moving straight from Halloween into the Christmas season, completely passing over Thanksgiving.

Senior Shaylee Ellis’s favorite holiday happens to be Christmas. When asked if she thinks Thanksgiving is the “Forgotten Holiday”, Ellis states, “Though I absolutely love Christmas, we go from Halloween straight to Christmas.”

Senior Gabi Dufrenne says, “Christmas is such a big thing and people need and want to get ready as quick as possible. Black Friday is also the day after Thanksgiving, so that takes away from people thinking about Thanksgiving too.” Ellis and Dufrenne aren’t the only people who feel this way.

After speaking to ten people here at Taylorsville if they would consider Thanksgiving to be the “Forgotten Holiday”, the answer was yes. The results were the same when adults outside of our high school were asked this question. It is clear that people feel that Thanksgiving is forgotten, but why is this happening?

Life Hope and Truth believes that there are two specific reasons as to why this holiday is being skipped over. Their first reason is simply that we have forgotten how to be thankful, and their second belief is that we have forgotten God. They believe that these are the reasons that Thanksgiving is being forgotten, and they encourage everyone who reads their article to be an example of someone who does celebrate.

Odyssey’s article, “Why Is Thanksgiving Always Forgotten” states, “Black Friday has always been a big day, but people are preparing for Black Friday earlier and earlier in the month of November. They are getting their lists together and seem to be forgetting about Thanksgiving.” This is yet another example of someone believing that stores are one of the main problems in the skipping of this holiday.

Sophomore Drista Ricord agrees with Thanksgiving being skipped over and states that, “most people forget about it because they’re so excited for Christmas which is overrated.”

As stated above, stores are putting out Christmas decorations earlier and earlier. When people see these things they feel as though they must start on their holiday shopping, because now everyone else will be too.

So what is the real reason that Thanksgiving is our “Forgotten Holiday”? Is it because of the retailers? Is it lack of celebrity influence on it? Obviously, no one really knows. Whatever it is, people do realize that it is being skipped. So, instead of going from Halloween to White Christmas, maybe you can be that thankful turkey that will inspire others to do the same.