Why girls don’t ask guys to dances


Artwork By: Jocyelyne Zapata

S.B. Johnson, Reporter

 Girls and guys have been going to dances for generations. Guys ask the girl and she gets all dolled up, but why can’t the girl’s ask the guy and he gets all dolled up. Well, here’s why. In the past girls have wanted to ask guys but they usually don’t. If a guy is lucky the girl will drop hints unless it’s one of those super confident girls that will go for it. 

Girl’s feel as though Hoco and Prom are generally boy’s choice dances. Girls won’t even risk the thought of asking a guy unless they know they will say yes. 

“As a girl, that should be a guy’s job to do,” Sophomore Aaliyah Wilkes comments when asked about homecoming. Even though some girls still feel like a girl can ask a guy to any dances

“If I liked him then I would definitely ask him because gender equality is something I believe in,” says Senior Mariah Golavar. Mariah believes that dances shouldn’t be determined to be a guys’ choice because it makes it seem like girls aren’t allowed to ask people to them or shouldn’t.

Sometimes when a girl asks a guy she gets rejected. There are reasons for that, he could not like her that way. Sometimes guys think it’s awkward for girls to ask them, so they turn her down because she asked before he could.

“Well then he’s dumb,” says Sophomore Angela Knobel

 Girls feel nervous around the time that dances come up because it’s been made isn’t such a big deal

“It’s a cool concept but it’s over-exaggerated,” comments Sophomore Camorah Sitillo when asked how she feels about the idea of homecoming and prom, because of our making dances into such big deals we make it harder to be confident. We end up scaring people out of their comfort zone and backwards not forwards.

We tend to say girls can be the ones to ask but when they do it’s a turn off for guys to see a confident girl. In the past guys have dated a damsel in distress or a girl who submits to the ways of society. These days it’s way too common for girls to be turned down because they are too confident in themselves. The idea of Sadies is an amazing way to encourage them to ask but, outside of Sadies, it’s hard for girls to be the ones asking guys to these types of social events. It’s almost impossible to find a girl asking a guy to homecoming or prom because of the whole stereotypical vision of gender roles we all grow up with.

 As we get older we gradually come to terms with other versions of ourselves and other people. We will always have that nagging in the back of our minds for things to be “normal”. Yes girl’s should be confident in who they are. Yes, girls should be strong and not depend on guys, but until the world learns to be able to handle stark we on this situation aren’t going to fix itself. 

         If you’re a guy and a girl asks you to a dance don’t say no because she asked you. Say yes because you never know what you’re missing out on. If you’re a girl don’t be afraid to ask the guy you like. Be confident in who you are inside and out. Our generation has to deal with many things that are different from the norm and we deal with it in our own ways. This shouldn’t be any different. Let’s make it the move to push forward in gender roles and continue to let those lines that separate us blur.