Being your best self in high school


Artwork By: Cydni Martin

We went around and asked a couple students and a teacher some questions on school motivation. Some of the students are slowly losing motivation for school. And these are some of the answers they said. 

For most students, being a first generation graduate makes them feel good about themselves. And makes them feel accomplished. 

“What motivated me academically in school was being the first generation,” said senior Monserrath Marron. 

According to [back to school statistics] [about 3.7 million ] of students are first in their family to graduate high school. Most of the students parents did not graduate high school and being the first generation in the family to graduate feels good. Students mentioned to me how some of their parents did not have the money for financial means to get help for school, so some of their parents did not go to school at all.

“What made me more motivated was my mom not graduating high school and my dad as well,” said Marron.

“my motivational support system is my family,” said Marron . Some students do not have good support systems at home and that could be some of the problems to some students motivations for school. And having your teachers as a support system really helps in the long run as well they care about your success. 

Also some of it is we always get up so early for school and sometimes students do not have the time to eat breakfast and some leave their classes early to go and get some food. School should start later in the day so students can eat and be more open minded when learning.

Senior Justin Mai said, “I want to major in computers and computer science.”

 Having your family as a support system really helps you to achieve the goals you want to achieve. Yes things will be hard but that is why you set goals and achieve the impossible or even more. 

“What motivated me academically was my parents and family,” said Mai

“I sort of have a good motivational support system I kind of motivate myself,” said Mai   Some students who had to grow up early are their own support system and want to break the cycle. Students motivate themselves to get up and make something of themselves because they wanted a better future. 

Another big motivation for students are their relationships with teachers. Teacher Brian Winn said, “My relationship with my students are good with some, okay with others. Certain students respond to a certain style.” 

In experience some teachers helped their students out a lot, it is always about asking questions and making sure you want good goals to set for yourself. Your teachers care about you and want you all to become successful. 

Winn said he wants his students “to believe they are more capable than they think they are, they have the ability to do hard things if they put in the work.”

“Because school was difficult for me, but I know how important an education is, not only does it open up more job opportunities but it helps you become a more rounded individual as well,” said.Winn 

In the research below it talks about the lack of motivation we start to have and some of it is because of lack of sleep or eating well. You can also change up your learning styles to get more motivated in school. 

Some people in general have told me that they can not afford the schooling but we have fee waivers for low income students. And some say they do not have great transportation but we also have busses for them to use. But not all students can qualify for these things so it does bring down their school motivation. 

Thorin Klosowski from Lifehacker gives some suggestions on how to stay more motivated in school, which include, to take care of yourself, making sure you are getting enough sleep and eating well, and to change up your learning styles. 

Annie Brianne from simple motivation gives some tips to keep students more motivated. Which include, shift the goals and objectives, make a pact with yourself.