Valentine’s day expectations and regulations


Artwork By: Lia Lynn

Lia Lynn, Editor

Dating can be hard for some people. Liking someone doesn’t always mean you have to date them or ask them out. Especially not just because it’s Valentine’s although the holiday makes the idea seem very romantic.

Valentine’s Day was first started when Saint Valentine would send letters from his jail cell to young girls signed “Yours truly, Valentine” The action has grown over time and become the holiday we know today as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day encourages us to go out and ask out that one special person through phrases we cannot escape. If someone were to go into any of their local stores they would find bears, chocolates, and cards with the sayings “Be mine”, “Kiss me”, and the reason for the season “Be my Valentine” Is it these phrases that make us want to date on this holiday? Sophomore Kyle Nelson said,  “Partially, we see them everywhere and subconsciously that could be what’s getting people to feel bad about not having a significant other”

But what about the hopeless romantics and the victims of unrequited love? Asking people out isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Sadly this isn’t “To All the Boys I Loved Before” this is real life with actual situations of awkwardness and never shooting your shot with that one special person. But why does this holiday make us want to ask out that one special person? Is there something that makes it so special? 

Junior Aidy Martinez said, “I think that it’s just because people love cliches, a lot of people love the idea of either asking out or being asked out on a day that’s all about love.” It’s been engraved in the media and life’s ‘Expectations and regulations’ of romance. Martinez explains it the best  “ Movies and Tv shows do it all the time, the main character either does a big gesture and vice versa, people tend to want to emulate that since everyone wants a fairytale of their own.” We’re only human, who doesn’t want a romantic fairytale dream?

But this doesn’t mean that being alone is a bad thing because there’s no romance. Nelson said, “[…] love isn’t just romantic.” There’s Platonic love or the love you forge with your friends and family. 

Sophomore Silvia Ramirez Ruiz states, “It’s a day of love, it’s I guess a “perfect” time for people to confess and/or let people know you appreciate them” If someone doesn’t like anyone or doesn’t feel the need to confess to someone then just express your appreciation to them.

“[…]a lot of people are complaining about being single,” Nelson explains, “and I get in the mentality like “oh I must be doing something wrong because I’m single today” even though being single is okay.” The pressure of friends and sometimes even family members to go to dances and out on dates can be a lot to handle.  

You can’t get away because there are even school functions such as Sweethearts. Here at Taylorsville, we have Valentine’s baskets sold by the LIA and you see cards, hearts, and Teddy bears at every store. Junior Joey Jensen states  “I just kind of ignore them as best as I can. I find all the commercialism annoying, but hey, chocolate is cheaper.” At least there’s a bright side. People don’t have to get the cards, hearts, and teddy bears from a Valentine. They can receive them from family and friends who love you just as much. 

Jensen went on to say, “Date or don’t date who you want [or don’t want]! Don’t be afraid or pushed into anything you don’t want to.” Dating isn’t something everybody needs to do right at this moment. Enjoy the holiday and trust that there’s someone out there for everyone. Whether you spend this holiday alone, with friends, or even a significant other have fun and be safe. Happy Valentine’s day.