Beyond Van Gogh in Salt Lake City


A large sign that reads Vangogh. It’s an Ombré from blue to yellow.

Belle R. LeDuc, Editor

Vincent Van Gogh who lived during the late 19th century. He was an important figure in western art and painting, having created nearly 900 unique paintings. Van Gogh is most famous for his painting Starry Night, which he painted from his room in an asylum. To art students, he was a revolutionary man. To others, he is a cautionary tale of the importance of mental health. The artist cursed with his own mind is truly something worth remembering. 

From October until December, Atmosphere Studios will be offering an immersive experience of Van Gogh’s paintings. Tickets range from $24-$93, price depending on the activity one selects. The gallery’s main attraction is the 3D experience in their screen room, but yoga classes are also offered during the duration of the exhibit. 

The exhibit started with a wide room for lines. Songs such as Starry Starry Night by Don McLean played in the background, forming a soft and reflective atmosphere. The entrance to the actual exhibit was filled with small panels that discussed Van Goh’s life. They spoke of his artistic upbringing, his various careers, his spiral down mental health, his infamous ear-cutting incident, and his tragic end. Attendees were able to read these as they waited to go into the room. 

Once inside the room, words cannot describe what you will see. Art came to life with wonderful animation and voice-overs. Music and visuals worked together to leave the audience in awe as they were guided through the various paintings by Van Gogh. His portraits came to life, his flowers bloomed like spring, his sketches reflected humanity, and his signature filled the screens. People were spending hours inside the exhibit only leaving when they absolutely had to. 

At the end of the experience there was a small gift shop filled with paraphernalia. Prints of Van Gogh’s paintings are printed on bags, wallets, posters, pillows, key chains, and there was even a vinyl figure of the artist (removable ear included). Trinkets cost anywhere between $10 to $120. 

Atmosphere Studios not only curated a one in a lifetime experience, but they also maintained an admirable standard of precaution for the event. Their employees all wore masks and worked to ensure proper spacing between viewing parties. Guests were encouraged to distance themselves and to also wear masks. Hand sanitizer was readily available and the restrooms were kept to high standards. 

Their website is open for questions, tickets purchasing, requesting accommodation, and learning more about the artist. The next time this exhibit is in Salt Lake, I recommend everyone buy a ticket. The experience is well worth it.