New Clubs Presented During Club Rush Week


Rachel Prows

The “Just Be You” Club is recruiting new members during this year’s Club Rush Week.

Jeremy Ashton, News Editor

This year’s Club Rush Week presented many opportunities to participate in after-school activities. It introduced students with a good opportunity to join regular clubs such as MESA, DECA, and FBLA and learn about new clubs that are starting up this year.

Alex Allen, senior, focuses on the fandoms for three popular television shows: Supernatural, Doctor Who, and BBC’s Sherlock. Allen says, “[Club members] will spend time together, watching shows, and maybe sometimes having parties.” This is a good place for people who share deep passions for these shows to celebrate their passions.

Keeping with the theme of proudly celebrating nerdiness, there’s the newly formed Superhero Club. In this club, members will share their favorite superhero comics, movies, or TV shows. Along with talking about existing superheroes, members can share their own original hero designs and storylines, too.

The Be Yourself Club is new this year, but the school has had many clubs similar to it in the past. The goal of the club is to provide students with a safe place to be themselves and discuss bullying or discrimination they face because of their ethnicity, gender, or sexuality.

A noticeable club introduced this year is the Drumline. During Club Rush Week, the founders of the club played drums in the hallway, which attracted a lot of attention to their booth. Their club was made to appreciate drums in music and share the joys of playing them.

Anyone with time to spare after school should consider joining clubs that share their interests. Clubs are a great way to connect people with people, get involved, and find new opportunities.