Seniors in favor of changing senior picture policies

Hana Sapa, Opinion Editor

Senior photos; a chance to leave an imprint of who you were that final year of high school, and a small stepping stone to entering adulthood. Dealing with lines, annoying peers, and photographers are just one of the many challenges that students face as they get ready to take their photos. However, for seniors, there’s another obstacle that they must deal with; tuxedos and drapes. It’s common for the seniors of the school to wear the outfits that LifeTouch provides, but some agree that changing the formal wear that seniors wear would be a welcoming change.

Student Body Officers, Jaden Muir and Ryan Lee, commented that the outfits added unity to the senior class, and that it helped contrast the upperclassmen from the underclassmen; henceforth why many of the seniors didn’t mind wearing the tuxedos and drapes that were provided. However, they agreed that if there was a chance to change what the senior class, that still showed the upperclassmen as united and separated from the other classes, such as replacing the formal wear with gaps and gowns.

Administrators such as Dr. Muse, and senior students admired and welcomed the idea of having something new for students to wear when taking their photos, rather than the traditional dress attire for photos since it would be a nice change to the school environment. However, that would mean that the change would also include the opinions of the parents of senior students.

I would have to take it up with the PTA or community council.

— Dr. Muse

“If the students wanted a change in the way we take pictures,” said Dr. Muse, “I would have to take it up with the PTA or community council.”

Parents are known to go overboard for their students when they reach their senior year, especially when it comes to photos. Meaning that they’d get a say in how the photos are going to be changed, and if they would even want the change from tuxedos and drapes, to caps and gowns. There is also the matter that many will view the class as graduating all together, when some students won’t actually be walking, or even participating in the graduation ceremony.

Although the parental opinion would be a minor set back to changing the appearance in the senior photos, the actual decision would be made by the senior class. If more seniors agreed to the idea of changing the attire for the pictures the community council, and voiced their opinions about how they’d like to break away from the traditional photos, the change could be possible.