Fan support vital for sports teams


Rachel Prows

Student fan section and supporters follow cheerleaders in the Warrior Coaster during the win against the Alta Hawks on September 19.

Justice Hayes, Reporter

In the absence of school spirit, performers, whether they be athletes or musically inclined, lack motivation to continue the excellence drilled in practice. Without the support of the crowd maintaining a level of discipline expected by coaches becomes an increasingly difficult task for all players alike.

However, for the school, there’s no problem mustering up spirit that won’t stop and an excitement level to rival pro crowds. Everywhere around the valley the school is known as having the best crowds regardless of the outcome of any game or event.

“Not only do our wrestlers (all athletes included) keep their heads high during a loss, the crowd, composed of many parents and close friends, continue to cheer and support throughout the event regardless of victory or not. The support remaining uniform shows how great the schools values are instilled into the students, at least those who support our athletics.” says, Coach Watts.

Administrators and parents themselves comment on how professional the crowd from Taylorsville presents itself to all of Utah.

Rarely have there been fights in the recent history of the coaching staff, and to note compared with every other school, the home crowd shows more respect bar none.

“Taylorsville has a history for being really great sportsmen, and women, especially when outside of the boundaries of this school. I have always enjoyed being a part of the crowd, and not being embarrassed of the rowdiness a lot of other schools promote.” said Bryce Gott.

The school’s great sportsmanship allows students a level of comfortability not many would feel during the hurricane of emotion a high school sporting event generates. Gott feeling welcome and able to cheer his favorite players on along with other students is just another example of the school being another place made to feel like a second home. Regardless of how great the school may be, plenty of others around the valley don’t, or haven’t, seen the value in supporting with a great attitude.

A Warrior, Aubre Bishop, harbors a resentment for a specific high school, spawned from personal scorn felt during soccer matches.

“They’re basically horrible with no sportsmanship at all. The crowd would be very rude as they called out mean names at some of our hurt or injured players.” says, Aubre Bishop.

Stories of horrible sportsmanship surround the entire fan section of any athletic team.

Bishop also told the journalism staff; school administrators required of the fans, at the girl soccer game her sophomore year, to pay for a flower bouquet and an apology card. However, the crowd never settled down, rendering the empty apology worthless as West continued being obnoxious.

With that being said, Taylorsville looks amazing as a whole. The reflection of the staff and teachers through the students great behavior shows exceptionally well. School spirit is a vital key of any sports team doing well in each respective season. Support though, is generally lacking in any non-popular sport, i.e. track, swim, etc.