Interstellar draws in viewers with complex story line and special effects

Aaron Dufner and Nick Drabner

Interstellar is a movie starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Matt Damon just to name a few of the all star cast from the film. The budget for the movie is 165,000,000$ which is fairly high, but for a movie that’ll take you farther than space it isn’t too insane to imagine that much money put in to it.

Veteran director Christopher Nolan is the man for the job as he has directed the mind-bending movie Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy. IMDB gave it a 9.3 out of 10 as a review and Metacritic gave it a 75 out of 100 which is a high score considering The Dark Knight Rises got a 78 out of 100. In it’s first week it’s made 136,836,670 dollars.

Interstellar has a very interesting concept set in a world where dust is killing all of the crops and is causing droughts, which is also causing people to develop deadly lung diseases. The only way to stop the end of the world is by leaving it and finding a new home to inhabit. So the team of astronauts sets off in a spaceship made by what is left of N.A.S.A after the budget for it was cut. Their  mission is to set out and find a planet to inhabit so they can bring the rest of the inhabitants of Earth to it. They travel through space and time to find the new home and they have 3 different planets that could possibly contain life all the

while every hour they spend on the planets is 7 years on Earth so they don’t want to spend very long on the planets or else there will be no one on Earth to rescue.

Interstellar appeals to all audiences, especially teens and older audiences. It is a little hard to follow and comprehend so younger audience members might have a hard time understanding what’s going on in the movie.

Though Interstellar comes very recommended it does have a couple of  slow parts and it does have some parts that are kind of confusing, but the way the movie is portrayed, viewers  will have a very good experience with this movie and should get most of it. Interstellar has some very dramatic moments and it has a chance to make viewers  cry, it’ll also make them  laugh a lot and feel good all around.

Junior Kyle Peterson  said, “I really loved the atmosphere and feel of the movie it could be really bright or it could be complete darkness and the movie itself really was mind bending it was an amazing movie.”