The benefits to exercising healthily

Yvette Zavala, Reporter

There are many advantages and some disadvantages to eating right and exercising, but mostly advantages. Eating right and exercising can help people  in my ways to live a better and healthier life. Eating right and exercising helps you feel better and look better.

There are many exercises and techniques to exercise. Either people can go to the gym or make up your own exercise routine at home or go running outside. Some advantages of exercise are people can live longer, they look and feel better, and people  have a lower risk of getting heart disease, certain cancers and high blood pressure. When people exercise it helps them get all that energy out and possibly any anger. That way people are getting rid all of that while losing weight and in the right way without getting it out on anyone.Some disadvantages of exercise is if someone already have a health condition and people don’t work out the right way they could end up getting hurt, possibly permanently. As much as exercise can prevent heart disease it can also be a cause. It could cause scarring of the tissue.

Let’s talk about eating right. Most people on the U.S don’t have a well eating habit. When people go eat out often, it can be pricy.  Americans spend 10% of their income on fast food every year. What does that say. People in the U.S would rather spend money on food that is not healthy that can cause serious health problems than eat something that can still be good, but healthy and will help them in the future. When people eat right, they have a better chance of controlling their weight and keeping it on track. When people eat a lot of sugars and drink things with too much caffeine they can work for a little while, but once it’s gone, they have a major crash that makes them really tired and then the person does not want to go anything anymore. It’s not always bad to eat fast food here and there, but once people eat it too often, that’s when it is not good for you. That’s why people  need to choose a better way of eating that way people will live longer and will age better and healthier as it should be.