Siblings can be a positive or negative influence on students

Tara Buell, Reporter

Having a sibling in school can both be positive, and negative.  When it comes to rides to school, friends, school work, and just having somebody there, a sibling comes in handy.

“I think having a sibling in school is more positive because they are good support.  If they are older, they can help guide their younger sibling through information about classes and teachers,” said counselor, Shanna Sawatzki.

“Being in school with my sister has made us closer only because we get along so seeing each other makes us closer friends,” said sophomore Daizia Duran about her sister Unique Ballegooie, senior.  She thinks, having a sibling in school, is great.  If teens get along with their sibling, then it would be the best thing in the world to be in school with them.  “Having a sibling in school is good because they can help you stay on track and make sure you’re doing good,” said Izrial Ramirez about his twin brother.

The only students that have two siblings in school with them are Brian, Bobby, and Breanne Fitzpatrick.  “As a brother to my sister and brother it is cool to have the sibling older than you to help you with school but at times it is kinda weird to have other siblings of course, I am the best and the hottest”, said Bobby, sophomore.

Some might think having a sibling in school with them can distract them, or intimidate them.  If they don’t get along with their sibling they might not want to go to school. Some students might hate going to school with their sibling and pretend to not even know them.

But some teens might think having a sibling in school can be the most rewarding thing that can happen. In my case, my older sister Tiffany Buell is my best friend and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her in school for my sophomore year. My sister helps me with drama, boys, school work, teachers, rides, and everything inbetween.

There are always some students that have no siblings in school, or no siblings at all. And those students might have friends, who are just like family to them.  For example, Megan Malcome isn’t my sister, but she is just like having another big sister in school with me.  So even if people might not have a sister or brother in school with them, they might still have somebody there for them.