New Worlds of Warcraft game is rewarded with great reactions

Justice Hayes, Reporter

November 23, 2014 was the day the world changed for the betterment of society. World of Warcraft was released as its final stage and wholly accepted by every open or closeted geek alike. With humble beginnings, the original launch of World of Warcraft saw 1.5 million subscriptions by the first quarter, to the swelling of 12 million subscriptions strong throughout all of 2010 with the release of Cataclysm (one of the expansions), now settling in at 7.4 million after the release of the most recent expansion Warlords of Draenor on November 13.

The original, also known as vanilla, was a revolutionary idea. Gamers of all walks of virtual life flocked to for a variety of reasons. Whether it were the idea of completely immersing oneself in a virtual role-playing world of grand proportions, or the idea of a massive community choosing a side and fighting an ancient war on behalf of one opposing faction or another. The Horde and Alliance have been locked in battle since the beginning of Warcraft and have now to this day never had a reason to work together, other than to stab the opposition in the back.

That is, until November 13th. The Iron Horde was formed by Garrosh Hellscream, giving the Alliance and Horde a reason to join sides in order to defeat the newly formed Iron Horde. Life in Azeroth has been completely changed once again, beginning with Cataclysm, and now the advent of Hellscream taking present technology to the past in order to outfit his new army well enough to conquer all before him.

Regardless of opinions on previous expansions, Warlords of Draenor has been helpful in certain aspects: bag clean up button, stacks of items able to run 200 per, or character aesthetic updates for each race. The changes are nice and have added time to the game rather than taking away from having to constantly empty bags because each stack of 20 takes up a slot.

“After Mists of Pandaria I had a distaste of WoW. Simply saying, Warlords of Draenor has raised my expectations once again and has revamped my excitement for this game,” says Sam Buhler.

“I actually really enjoy World of Warcraft, but this specific expansion has really made the entire experience more enjoyable! From the new world to the option of me building my own city, it is a phenomenal turn for Blizzard, ” says Chris Wright.

Although mostly viewed in a positive light, Warlords of Draenor has raised some criticism from veteran gamers. As an incentive to buy the expansion Blizzard has allowed each new purchaser to boost one character to level 90 which is ten levels away from the level cap. Veteran players say the waves of high-leveled low-skilled players takes away from the game when all of those types flood the leveling zones and run instances being part of a five player team giving the boosted characters time to show the lack of familiarity with a class. Especially considering every few levels a character gains, he/she would also gain abilities and spells which change the entire rotation of spellcasting a player could continuously adapt as he/she takes the time to level the character, but with a boosted level 90 there is no buffer time in order to learn the fundamentals required.