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Ocasio-Cortez proposes Green New Deal

Lindsay Cook, A&E Editor April 26, 2019

New York’s 14th District Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has sent shockwaves through the House and Senate following the release of her Green New Deal. The Green New Deal, proposed on February...

Non-binary sophomore Lia Lynn writes their pronouns on the board, demonstrating sentences in which their pronouns can be used. Oftentimes, students are told their pronouns are not grammatically correct. this, however, is a fallacy.

Students shed light on what it means to be non-binary

Jordan Harvey and Lia Lynn April 26, 2019

The non-binary gender identity is not common knowledge, but more and more people are identifying with it, and as of 2016, those who identify as non-binary make up about 25-35% of the transgender population....

A student scrolls through her social media on her tablet signifying the time spent online by students

The image that social media has on students

Paige Smith, Reporter April 26, 2019

Social Media is part of every student’s life, whether they have an account or not. In a survey of 130 randomly selected students, 94% voted that society is addicted to social media. Yet only 38% felt...

Nathan is one among many who shared their conversion therapy story with Equality Utah

The conversion therapy bill

Cameron Bessette, Reporter April 26, 2019

Conversion or reparative therapy is a treatment that aims to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. It is considered a pseudoscientific practice. A pseudoscience is a practice that...

The male-only draft deemed unconstitutional

Isabella Ashton, Editor-in-Chief April 26, 2019

On February 22, a Texas federal judge ruled that the male-only draft is unconstitutional. Currently, males ages 18-25 must register for the Selective Service in case the need for a draft arises. Females...

Womens health is growing more political

Women’s health is growing more political

Cameron Bessette, Reporter April 24, 2019

According to Dr. Kristen Mattheson, of the University of Arizona, the average woman has her period from three to seven days per month from age thirteen to age fifty-one. That means that the average woman...

NBA Season Predictions

NBA Season Predictions

Ivan Gonzalez, Reporter December 13, 2018
The 2018 - 2019 NBA regular season is set to start in the second week of October for most teams, although it is a new season it is very easy to tell which teams are the top contenders for the NBA championship this year. With this, we will look at some of these teams.

CTE in Hockey

Hillary Teixeira, Reporter December 13, 2018
The NHL has been strongly against changes that regard player safety. Helmets were optional in the NHL until 1979, eleven years after the death of Bill Masterton. The late Minnesota North Stars’ forward had gone flying head-first into the ice and suffered a traumatic brain injury and had played despite showing severe concussion symptoms lasting days leading to his final game. Long after Masterton’s death, the act of wearing a helmet was still considered to be against the “Warrior Code” of hockey.

Caravana de inmigrantes en dirección a los Estados Unidos

José Yanez, Editor de Español December 13, 2018
Algo que se ha escuchado repetidas veces es que la caravana está siendo financiada por alguien. Se piensa que el partido que perdió las elecciones pasadas es el responsable de esto, y lo hace con el propósito de que se vea mal al gobierno actual. Otros piensan que los responsables son los mismos estadounidenses, con el propósito de afectar las elecciones de medio término en el país.

Elecciones en Brasil

Hillary Teixeira, Reportera December 13, 2018
Un país desesperado por la necesidad de educación pública, servicios de salud, y seguridad financiera para millones está dejando el éxito económico del Partido de los Trabajadores y entregándose a Bolsonaro, quien hace una década fue puesto en televisión como alivio cómico.

Author JK Rowling is actually the worst and here is why

Audrey Helm, News Editor October 2, 2018

I love J.K. Rowling. Truly, I do. I love the wizarding world of Harry Potter and many of the characters in it. I understand that there is an enormous demand on her to constantly create new material. But...

How to not be absolutely miserable when youre sick

How to not be absolutely miserable when you’re sick

Callé Hansen, A and E October 2, 2018

High school is a petri dish of sicknesses, and everywhere you go you are attacked by germ after germ no matter how much scented hand sanitizer you use. No matter how hard the custodians work, germs will...

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