Two girls fangirling over Attack on Titan – Characters

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Samantha Bell, Editor

This article is part of a series that discusses various aspects of Attack on Titan, there will be a few other articles in this series (articles linked HERE and HERE) as well. This article focuses on some of the characters from this iconic show. 

Attack on Titan, otherwise known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese or AOT, is a current media sensation and the anime community is being pulled along for Hajime Isayama’s emotional roller coaster.  

The story opens as a simple action filled anime with some very lovable characters. But as the show progresses through it’s four seasons, everything the watcher believes to be true is crushed just like a lot of our favorite characters were. 

As the final episodes air people are left wondering what is next, and it’s all a lot of people can think about. Including us editors, anime only Samantha Bell, and manga reader Belle LeDuc. Come along as we fan-girl over the heart crushing anime that has a grip on the weeb (anime fans) community. Through a series of articles that cover various topics such as our favorite characters, where we stand, animators, etc. 

It is important to note that Belle LeDuc has finished reading the Manga. While these articles will include major spoilers for the show, LeDuc is not allowed to spoil the end of the series. Her input was not considered when making theories or discussing character arcs that have not been completed.




In this section of our article series we are overviewing characters, their morals, their character arc, plot importance, and most importantly looks. 

Eren Yeager 

Starting off with the main character, Eren Yeager. His morals are questionable at best, and are just coming clear during the fourth and final season. Yeager has always been motivated by freedom, and the world outside of the walls created long before Yeager’s birth. At the end of season three Yeager see’s the ocean for the first time, and the anger of restricted freedom strikes. 

Yeager currently possesses three of the nine human transforming titans. He has been collecting them like pokemon cards. From season one we find out that he can transform into a titan, humanity’s greatest foe. As the series progresses we find out how he was given these powers and what each titan’s powers are. He is one of the most controversial characters, and splits the fandom into two. I (Samantha) still don’t know where I stand on Yeager, and Belle, as a manga reader, doesn’t support Yeager.. As the anime closes many people’s opinions will change on Yeager, and his followers, the Yeagerists. 

Mikasa Ackerman 

Mikasa Ackerman, a strong dynamic female lead with a traumatic past. Eren Yeager’s dad, Grisha Yeager adopted Mikasa after her parents were killed by thugs who wanted Mikasa and her mom’s “exocitc” skin color. Before season four Mikasa was the only person of color within the walls. Because there was mostly white people within the walls of Paradis, anyone of color was whitewashed after a few generations, or killed. This left very few people of color within the walls, Mikasa being one of them. In the first season she was nearly sold into slavery because of her skin color. However, Eren and Grisha Yeager saved her and adopted her into their family. 

Mikasa is known for her strength and will power, and her noticrous red scarf. She is strong willed, and anything she sets her mind to will be done. Her strength comes from her Ackerman bloodline, who are known for incredible physical strength. That when activated by something (in Mikasa’s case it was the death of her parents). 

Mikasa is driven by Eren, and her loyalty to him. She promised to protect him and she has, she has saved Yeager many times. She is often seen as a love interest to Yeager, however there has been no confirmation that Yeager returns these feelings. 

Armin Arlert 

Armin Arlert, childhood friend of both Yeager and Ackerman. Arlert is known for his smarts, his plans and ability to analyze situations has saved humanity more than a handful of times. Arlert isn’t particularly physically strong, however he is valued for a number of reasons. He is the current holder of the Colossal Titan, and plan master behind the Scout Regiment. 

Arlert sparked Yeager’s need for freedom. As a kid Arlert would show Yeager illegal pictures of the world beyond the walls, and both of them were infatuated by the sea, and both made a promise to see it one day. 

Arlert is kind, and seeks knowledge, and all of this is driven by his morals. Arlert values freedom (just not to the length that Yeager does), and holds ideals of loyalty close to his heart. He protects his friends no matter what, and is willing to give up his life to save humanity. 

Arlert is a guilt ridden character, his titan form, the Colossal, often kills people when he transforms. Arlert rarely transforms, and often when he does the watchers can see how guilty and upset he is that he did transform. 

Levi Ackerman 

Survey Corp captain Levi Ackerman is feared by most. His pure strength (in part by his Ackerman blood) and ability to analyze a situation make him deadly. Most of Marley fears him, and even his own soldiers fear his strength. Levi is an all around well developed character, his back story has been explained, we know he is a clean freak, and also feels a lot of guilt for his fallen comrades. 

Levi is a fan favorite for many reasons. He is short but mighty, he is often one of the only characters who swears, and often he provides comedic relief through being truly himself. 

Levi feels he owes a personal debt to all of his fallen foe, especially Survey Corps leader, Erwin Smith. Levi is often seen pushing his soldiers to fight, as to respect the many who have died on their long journey.