Two girls fangirling over Attack on Titan – “The Nine”


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Samantha Bell, Editor

This article is part of a series that discusses various aspects of Attack on Titan, there is a few other articles posted about Attack on Titan, so if this is something that interests you check them out! (Articles linked HERE and HERE)! 

Attack on Titan, otherwise known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese or AOT, is a current media sensation and the anime community is being pulled along for Hajime Isayama’s emotional roller coaster.  

The story opens as a simple action filled anime with some very loveable characters. But as the show progresses through it’s four seasons, everything the watcher believes to be true is crushed just like a lot of our favorite characters were. 

As the final episodes air people are left wondering what is next, and it’s all a lot of people can think about. Including us editors, anime only Samantha Bell, and manga reader Belle LeDuc. Come along as we fangirl over the heart crushing anime that has a grip on the weeb (anime fans) community. Through a series of articles that cover various topics such as our favorite characters, where we stand, animators, etc. 

It is important to note that Belle LeDuc has finished reading the Manga. While these articles will include major spoilers for the show, LeDuc is not allowed to spoil the end of the series. Her input was not considered when making theories or discussing character arcs that have not been completed.



“The Nine” 

There are nine human-titan forms that the Founder, Ymir created. Each brings different talents to the table, and each created with different goals in mind. Currently Yeager holds three of these titans, but the others are spread throughout Paradis and the rest of the world.

The Founding Titan This titans powers are incredible, and when held by the right person, can control all overs. The royal Reiss family held this titan for many generations, and the walls were created with this power. Eren is able (through the Attack Titan), to transcend time and he told his father to take this titan from the royal family. 

The Attack Titan Grisha Yeager was given this titan so that he could enter the walls of Paradis and free those within the walls. The Attack titan has great physical strength and is able to harden with practice, as well as transcend time. The holder of this titan is able to see the future and talk with any holders in the past. Eren was given this power by his father, and is the current holder of this titan as well. 

The War Hammer Titan– The War Hammer titan has been held by Tyburn royal family for generations. This titan is characterized by its hardened body, its ability to create weapons out of the thin air. The War Hammer titan is the only titan that carries the human outside of the body, rather than in the nape of the neck. Eren Yeager also holds this titan, he took the power of the titan when he invaded Liberio. 

The Jaw Titan- This titan has been passed down to multiple people throughout the series. Currently it is held by warrior candidate, Falco Grice. He was just recently given this titan, and likely will not hold it for long, as the a few soldiers of Paradis plan to give this power to someone else. The Jaw titan is characters for well, its jaw. Eren Yeager found that this titan is able to break the hardening crystals that titans can form to protect themselves, this is how Yeager ate the War Hammer Titan. 

The Colossal Titan This titan has been called “the strongest of them all.” The Colossal is tall, large, and destructive. The Colossal is often used to destroy barriers or large areas of land. The holder has to be careful as to when to transform, because it’ll destroy its surroundings. The Colossal is only so powerful however, this titan lets out steam when enemies near. The steam prevents people from coming close, however when steam is realized the titan shrinks and loses mass.  The Colossal is currently held by Armin Arlert.

The Female Titan  The Female titan is characterized by her speed, strength, and versatility. The current holder of this titan is, Annie Leonhart. Raised in Marley, Leonhart is specially trained in martial arts and is known for her strength and hand-to-hand combat skills. The powers of the female titan hasn’t really been explored, for most of the series Annie has been encapsulated in a hardened crystal, to save her life from the scouts. 

The Cart Titan The cart titan is great for long travels, carrying items, and movement. The cart titan has been made fun by most AOT fans, for its long face. The current holder of this titan is Pieck Finger, she is smart, witty, and trustworthy. Finger is a Marley warrior who fights for the sake of her father, and obeys orders given to her to save her father and comrades.  Finger has been known to stand up against enemy Eren Yeager, and protect her comrades. Finger is loved by most fans for her looks, however none of those great looks transfer over to her titan form, sadly. 

The Armored Titan Currently held by Reiner Braun, the armored titan is strong and very talented in hand to hand combat. This titan is known for the hardened shell around most of his body that makes most mortal weapons useless against him.This titan’s hardening skills allows for great defense skills, fast running, and much more.  Braun is a very morally complex character with motives all over the place. As a Marley warrior Braun has been told to kill his former comrades of Paradis in his titan form. 

The Beast Titan The Beast titan is large and frankly scary. Currently held by royal blooded Zeke Yeager, this titan is known mainly for his throwing skills. This titan has no real hand-to-hand combat skills, but can kill many by throwing rocks with precise accuracy. Zeke has been on the brink of death many times, mostly at the hands of Levi Ackerman. The healing powers of transforming titans has saved him time and time again.