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Gender discrimination prevalent in current political rhetoric

Gender discrimination prevalent in current political rhetoric

Audrey Helm, Editor-in-Chief April 24, 2019

Nasty. Shrill. Unlikeable. In the years following the 2016 presidential election, there has been a drastic increase in the number of women running for political positions, and these words have followed...

The planet Earth from space.

Nature documentaries connect us to the natural world

Isabella Ashton, Editor-in-Chief April 24, 2019

A male jaguar prowls through the rainforest, searching for his potential prey. This animal is easily three hundred pounds of svelte muscle. And with glistening, rosette-spotted fur and probing green eyes,...

Jessie Marchant, school athlete, pictured in the wrestling room during weight training, which ensures athletes stay fit on, and off-season.

How athletes stay fit in off-season

Jorge Estrada, Reporter February 22, 2019
It is not a surprise that athletes are always at their peak when it comes to physical fitness. The question is, how do they stay fit during the off-season? Athletes are always training themselves during active seasons, but let’s talk about what they do during the off-season to stay fit.
Students cant join off-campus sports

Students can’t join off-campus sports

Anthony Huerta, Reporter February 22, 2019
Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet. According to an article by Benjamin Elisha Sawe titled “The Most Popular Sports in the World” on, “It is estimated that more than half of the world's population consider themselves to be association football (soccer) fans. The sport enjoys an estimated 4.0 billion person following, and a global sphere of influence.”
The Taylorsville High School Bowling Team; top left to right: Coach Susan Evans, Kai Evans, Jalen Vigil, Parker Alder, Jackson Alder; bottom left to right: Eva Black, Jasmin Robles, Vanessa Robles, Kyle Wolf. Missing: Brandon Evans

Bowling team strikes out their 2018-19 season

Vanessa Robles, Guest Writer February 21, 2019
Bowling is one of the fastest growing sports among high schools. According to the press room on, more than 5,000 schools offer bowling programs to boys and girls, reaching around 55,000 participants around the United States. 48 states offer high school bowling.
Taylorsville Pole Vaulting team in tryouts. 2018 Senior Pole Vaulter, Jordan Glade, attempts to plant the pole to vault over the bar.

How to make the best of your tryouts

Rayven Cann, Sports Editor February 21, 2019
As the spring season approaches, so are many tryouts. Tryouts are not an easy thing to undergo, and nerves can often stop athletes from doing the best they can. Nerves are something you can never truly overcome, but having an insight on what tryouts are like and what coaches may be looking for can help.
Player Profile: Olivia Ashton

Player Profile: Olivia Ashton

Rayven Cann, Sports Editor February 21, 2019
Junior, Olivia Ashton is this year’s starting center for the Taylorsville Women’s Basketball team. Ashton has been playing basketball since her ninth grade year. “I’ve always loved the sport, and a bunch of my family members played it before me, so it’s always been a sport that has connected us,” said Ashton.
Player Profile: Benjamin Taylor

Player Profile: Benjamin Taylor

Samantha LaMont, Reporter February 21, 2019
With the spring sports coming up, senior Benjamin Taylor is one of the few of Taylorsville Pole Vaulters. Taylor said, “Pole Vault is the art of running down a runway with a pole that’s going to slingshot you into the air.”
Player Profile: Cameron Millican

Player Profile: Cameron Millican

Diana Nguyen, Reporter February 14, 2019
Junior, 6’3" Cameron Millican is Taylorsville High School’s guard. Cameron has been playing basketball since he was in kindergarten.
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