Science to “Clique Finding’ confirmed

Keely Valdez, Assistant Editor

It’s the first day of school. Students are bustling in and out of the school, debating whether or not they should have even come. The anxiety sets in and all of a sudden, the perfect group has just been found. This response is automatic and didn’t take much time. The reason being, a multitude of reasons. The science is now being uncovered.

The origins of these groups most likely started in the fourth grade, according to Oprah’s website. That means, most of the student population has established some sort of basis when they were in elementary school. Even then, most of the students could safely say that they were shy in elementary and wouldn’t talk to anyone one in their class. That’s a whole other level of  psychological logic.

Mrs. Hanks, Psychology teacher, said, “People who are like us so we tend to form connections to people with similar aspects to us.”

According to The Atlantic’s website, one of the many reasons why we are drawn to a certain group is because schools segregate students based on race, household income, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Schools have been designed that way especially when it comes to size, level of diversity, and the way they treat students. Ever since grade one, students have been basing their friendships off of their origins, personality, etc. That’s what humans get addicted to and that is what we, as humans, stick with.

Comfort is another reason why students mold these groups. Going into uncharted water can be strenuous on a person. Going into a group that shares the same views on different things, that’s what students somewhat crave. They don’t want to feel discomfort when it comes to subjects they may or may not know a whole lot on. People want to interact with human beings on a personal level and want to be able to talk to people on similar interests. Comfort needs to be there in a group or huddle.

Hanks said, “We need protection and acceptance. For the species to survive you got to bond with, at least, one other person.”

According to a Chicago teacher’s statement in LA Times, she believes that ‘cliquishness’ is a natural behavior. She argues that it hurts the child from elementary school levels and effects the child’s learning behavior, attitude, and overall memory. She also believes that the reason why children resort to cliquishness is because it gives the child a sense of empowerment and that it’s a “natural outgrowth of family”.

The mind is a very complex organ. It deals with all sorts of emotions, natural body functions, and so much more. “Clique finding” has been narrowed down to just the pure science of the brain. There will always  be a somewhat definite answer as to why students purposely look for cliques but the science is newly being uncovered for the future.