Taylorsville Crossroads landscapes local business


Megan Breneman

The new Taylorsville Crossroads marquis was recently added outside of Texas Roadhouse.

Megan Breneman, Assistant Editor

Taylorsville residents may have recently noticed the clouds of smoke and the paths of destruction down 5400 South and Redwood Road at the Family Center due to the fairly recent demolitions of buildings. Some locals may have witnessed in June when the construction started as the area in which numerous have grown up knowing was being torn apart and taken down. Although a good majority understand that it’s been very vacant the past few years with many places going out of business and ones that have been gone a long time. Alas, we had to realize a rebirth would come at some point.

For the past while, people probably have been going to our neighboring cities for shopping and dining out. Jordan Landing is a popular hangout for acquiring goods and sustenance, as well as Fashion Place and Valley Fair. Sugarhouse has recently been building themselves up and have become a nice place for these activities also.

Former businesses that used to be lined up around here were Blockbuster, Supersalad, Castle of Chaos, and Furniture Warehouse. Most were closed due to overpricing and low consumption. A few places that are still around and hopping are Apollo Burger, Texas Roadhouse, and f.y.e.

Out of the few businesses that have remained there are employees and owners that are looking forward to having larger crowds and others who are worried that their business might slow due to other similar places.

Dominique Greco, senior and f.y.e. employee said, “We’re all alone over there, so I thinks it’s going to be really nice having some neighbors and it might even bring in more customers.”

Arriving tenants are going to include a Regal Cinemas theater that’s going to be the first of its kind here in Utah, Mattress Firm, Beans and Brews, Zaxby’s, and  Chi-Ku Asian Kitchen. Locals seem excited about the new job opportunities that this change will be providing.

With expressed enthusiasm towards this economic plan, it seems it is going to be a positive change for the Taylorsville community. So fellow residents, prepare next fall for welcoming to our city, The Crossroads of Taylorsville.