Students now required to pass U.S. Citizenship test to graduate


Triston Jessop

A flag embodies the citizenship test looming over student futures.

Kaylee Wengren, Reporter

Utah governor Gary Herbert passed a bill of law on Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 stating all public schools are required to take the U.S. citizenship test to graduate. The bill requires each student to take a 50 question test and get a 70% or higher to graduate.

However, this new law has frustrated many people, especially students.

Senior Angel Flores said “This is stupid, I don’t want to worry about taking another test to graduate high school. It’s already hard enough.”

Many students, especially seniors already have so much on their mind such as their future and what paths they may take. Both juniors and seniors have to worry about taking the ACT and passing with a good score to get accepted into certain colleges. This adds another requirement to the list. Teachers are impacted as well as they will be doing their best to teach students and ensure they are  able to pass this upcoming exam. Some teachers may even give their classes a practice test so they can see what kind of questions will be on the test.

Some students also see this new bill as a good thing. Something that will help our school programs and also as something that can grow our country.

Senior Brequel Burbank said, “I think this test will be good for us. It will quiz us on what we should be learning about in school and help us become good citizens.”

A lot of high school students are shocked by this new bill because they are pressured into passing another test that may be the reason of disqualification from graduation.

Senior students of the history teacher George Curtis were required to take a practice citizenship test to see their knowledge as a U.S. citizen.

Senior Mckenzie Holtkamp said “I’ve lived in the U.S my whole entire life but the U.S citizenship practice test was one of the hardest tests I have ever taken. I definitely did not pass that, and it was just the practice test.”

Holtkamp also said “the questions about our amendments were hard because I did not have any of them memorized”

Students seem to believe that the questions may be too difficult to answer alone, there is many ways to practice for your citizenship test. Students can take practice tests such as the one that the students completed in Curtis’s class or simply study facts about our nation and even online on many different websites, for example there is a civics practice test issued by U.S citizenship and Immigration Services that students can practice the test and be able to get an idea of what the test will be like.