Student Spotlight: Ana Zamora

Esparanza Standing Bear, Reporter

Ana Zamora is an outstanding student here at Taylorsville High.

She is an AP and Honor student but still manages to be the President of Latinos In Action. Latinos In Action is a club that participates in community service and learning more about the Latino culture. Ana Zamora got the privilege to become the president by being a hard worker and being voted into the position by past presidency based upon papers describing achievements.

Being LIA president and focusing on so many challenging classes may seem like a lot of work but Zamora plans and balances them with the help of what she learned in AVID.

“I’m in Avid and it helps a lot with time management because I need a planner for that class. So it helps me see what I need to do and make due dates. It also helps me balance out the importance of everything,” said Zamora.

She also dedicates as much time as needed to complete and make the best of her job. She plans all of the events LIA has. Zamora has spent hours and many more to come helping out at the Hartvigsen Center adjacent to the school. Her responsibilities include tutoring to helping out with activities involving students with special needs.

“Ana is kind and unselfish she is able to maintain her own academic performance and at the same time be incredibly helpful to other students,” said LIA adviser Jake Brown, stressing how much of an asset Zamora is to the club.

“She plans pretty much everything we do in LIA. It all goes through her, it’s her ideas with the help of other student in LIA. She is the core of everything we do,” continues Brown.