Fall season fashion trends

Megan Breneman, Assistant Editor

As the yellow, red, olive green, orange, and brown hues shimmer across the skies and ground with dancing leaves announcing the season of Fall, there starts to turn up in people’s attire, the scarves, beanies, boots, pants and jackets that cover us from the cooler weather. Time to put away the sandals, shorts, tank tops or shirts of the “tropical” seasons, and bring forth the comfy cozy garbs of the more frigid ones.

When the seasons change, people tend to alter their wardrobes with them. As flowers pop up out of the ground for spring, many of us tend to blossom into our cooler apparel. While the Earth is facing the sun during summer, most tend to wear slightly less clothing depending on where you are from. Attire in the fall is usually more comfortable. Winter fructifies the further relaxed fineries. At least this is how it is for a good majority of people.

When you’re looking through a fashion magazine like Vogue, Elle, Instyle and Glamour, you’ll usually see the most popular garments for each seasonal period displayed across the pages. During the springtime, frocks with flip flops and flats show up for girls where guy’s fashions show more cargo shorts and short sleeve shirts. Summer exhibits swimsuits and cover-ups with lighter beach-like things. Fall coaxes out heeled boots or converse, warm colored scarves, jackets and other tighter fitting clothes. Winter calls to things like coats, vests, sweaters and gloves to layer the pages.

People tend to wear extra tight and thicker clothes throughout the colder months because the fit keeps in more heat. Where in the warmer seasons we’re wearing looser and lighter things that are more flowy to keep cooler.

With every generation styles change and for many it’s a curious thing to observe what comes back into style and what will most likely not ever return (unless you’re doing a play of sorts or dressing up for something). Just as well, there are some people who don’t stick at all to the current fashions and do their own things all together. Some that maybe are way out of the norm and others that are really simple. Even so, almost everybody tends to have a favorite style which they incorporate year round. Some guys (and girls) may continue to wear shorts for as long as they can and sometimes even during winter. Others may take to wearing pleather jackets or other heavier fabrics, even during the summer. Everyone has their own style.

Some trends that have recently been resurrected range from the pin up styles of the 1950’s to the bohemian look taken out of the 70’s. Although newer generations have found their own ways to switch it up. For example, in today’s society, high waist jeans are less flared and more tightly fitted compared to those of the 50’s. Also, florals and laces have come back in new and intense ways that seem to catch younger generations eyes unlike they would’ve a few years ago when it was considered more of a grandma-like trend.

Fashion seems to be a big deal for many people. To some, it is sort of a part of their personalities in a way and/or a way of expressing themselves. So seeing the many different kinds of ways people have changed and manipulated clothing seems to attract attention.