Fashion Week


Hollie Link, Assistant Editor

Picture this: There you are sitting in your favorite recliner, wearing some old beat up pajamas, flipping through all the television channels. All of the sudden you stop on a channel that you never watch and notice a show that includes Charlie Green the makeup artist and Vera Wang the designer. You have now started to watch Fashion Week, at the time you were only six. However, now you’re 17 and would rather watch the show than go to the High School football game or dance.

Ten years later you find yourself at the show. So here you are sitting on a bench that really hurts your bum and you question if the outrageous ticket price was worth it. Then out of nowhere Steve Madden himself comes and sits right next to you. Next comes a reporter from the NEW YORK TIMES to interview you, you notice clothes by Kate Spade, Zoe Jordan, and BCBG walk by on the luscious models. You begin to want them all, every shirt, necklace, and handbag out on the runway.

The six and 17 year olds at home start to want all the glorious clothes too. You see, it doesn’t matter if you are at the actual show or watching it at home. Fashion Week puts on such a spectacular show, that can entertain everyone. It could be any of the four locations; NY, London, Milan,  or Paris, every show includes world famous designers. From Coach to Tommy Hilfiger there’s a type of style for everyone.

This year at the 2015 fashion week Claire Pettibone introduced a new wedding trend to the scene, butt and back veils. Instead of the old/traditional veil that most brides take off by the end of the day, these veils are here to stay. Literally they stay on the dress, there is no worries of having the veil fall off, however there is a worry of tripping on the veil. Reem Acra also came up with a new wedding trend, the bride selfie stick. This design includes tons of rhinestones and flowers located all over. This trend will be a big hit within the 21st century generation. As for the older couples possibly on their second marriage, this trend will not stick as the 19th century generation shouldn’t know how to even use one. Monique Lhuillier presented a two piece wedding dress, this dress was a midriff cut off that had long sleeves. Again another design that will only appeal to the younger brides.

As the weeks move from location to location; the trends and looks generally stay the same. The most common street looks this year included; overalls, parkas, suede clothing, and tall hats. Coach brought parkas a whole new design with a variety of new colors and fur accents. BCBG, Victoria Beckham, and many others, focused on cinching the waist line and making it the center of attention. Corsets were a normal thing back in the 1800s, however now days they seem to be trying to make a comeback. There is no need for that when fashion designers give it their all to make attractive outfits that focus on the waist itself. Long dresses, over sized coats, and overalls all were given cinched waists. Other designers like Karen Walker and Tommy Hilfiger brought big hats to seen and they’re calling them “Pharrell hats”

This season’s looks can be found at stores like Nordstrom, and Forever 21. Stores try their best to copy the runway looks for a reasonable price. When going shopping, the fashion week watcher within you perhaps bought some if not all of the trendy items. Now walking around the mall you wear the trendy clothes and wonder if everyone watched the show too or just bought their clothes with a famous person in mind.

Every year after the show has ended street clothes change and high designer clothes are wanted by many. Courageous looks always appear in the show and become typical by the end of the year.

So now it’s your daughter’s first day of school and you remember; you were able to  dress up or down as much as you want, so your daughter should have the same ability. She’s not like the average boy or girl. While she sits on her bed thinking about to wear she remembers that you taught her everything she needs to know about fashion, and that she too can pull off runway looks.