2015: year in review

Carlos Guiterrez, Reporter

In 2015, many events happened that impacted aspects of everyday life.. Going from the most recent attacks in Europe and Asia; the escape of one of the most wanted criminal globally, “El Chapo” Guzman, the good is mixed in with the bad. These events led into what is now, 2016.

A new year, a new start. Still is going to be affected by  the events that happened in 2015.

Among the student body, the most recalled events of 2015 included the terrorist attacks on Paris in November 13, 2015. Following the terrorist attacks they also talked about the enormous hurricane Patricia that was going to impact the Mexican western territory. Which is classified as the most brutal hurricane in the world due to its 200 mph winds that almost devastated the western territory in Mexico.

Junior student, Saul Talavera, when asked about what are some of the most important events that can be recall from 2015 were, he said, “Thinking back to 2015, I can recall the big hurricane that was broadcast to impact the west coasts of Mexico. Also the escape of ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. Both of these events that took place during 2015 really impacted Mexico and all of its people, and people all around the world showed support to us, the same way the world shows support to the terrorists attacks in Paris.”

Also on students’ minds was the attention that president-candidate Donald Trump is getting. Junior student, Sebastian Gonzales express his ideas on this subject, “I think I’m a little bias on that, because I’m hispanic, so, I don’t like him, because he is taking our rights away… Because people come here for the american dream and they are denied that.”

Aside from these events, something that really affected society was the declaration of The International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization that all processed meats such as, bacon, ham, hot dogs, and sausage, are some causes for cancer in the human body.

Sophomore student, Romina Perez, expressed her thoughts on the events that took place in 2015 that had an impact on her life. “Some events that I can recall from 2015 would be, that in the United States same sex marriage has been accepted in all 50 states. This is an important achievement in today’s modern.” On June 26 2015, the US Supreme Court approved the right for same-sex couples to marry in all 50 US states.