New clubs connect aspiring writers

New clubs connect aspiring writers

Christopher Tallbot, Reporter

Two Clubs were created this year for aspiring authors and writers: Creative Writing Club and Author’s Club.

Author’s Club, as its name suggests, is a community of aspiring authors, who meet every other Thursday from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m., while Creative Writing Club, which meets every Wednesday from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m., takes the place of the class of the same name.

Lindsay Dahl, Junior, explained why she created Author’s Club.“I really wanted some place where all the authors could hang out, kind of like a dead poets society, but for all kinds of authors not just poetry or book writing.”

Rachel Butterfield, Sophomore and Junior English Teacher, described how Creative Writing Club got started. “Two students approached me wanting to know more about creative writing, and they told me that they had other friends that were interested in writing, [so] I decided that something like this would be a good idea.”

Dahl described the events of a typical Author’s Club meeting. “We have a small little lesson and then we kind of talk about our books and all that, and then we just sit and chat.”

According to Butterfield in Creative Writing Club, “I share a little bit about the topic, whatever the specific day’s topic is, we discuss any questions they have, we take a little time to write and then discuss how what we learned that day is applying to our stories.”

Joan Yu, a member of Author’s Club, said her favorite thing about it was “the sharing of individual stories, the collaboration, [and the] engaging conversations.”

Taylor Pahl is a member of Creative Writing Club, about which, he said, “I like it because it’s somewhere that I can go to get help with my writing, and there’s  lots of other people that like the same things as me.”

By the end of the year, Author’s Club hopes to have finished a cohesive book, which will begin as individual mini stories created by each member, and then converge into a single storyline.

Meanwhile, Ms. Butterfield said that her main goal with the Creative Writing Club was to help them finish the first draft of their novels by the end of the year.