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Aaron Dufner, Reporter

In the beginning of the 20th century the big thing was comic-books, with people beginning to see what it would be like if they were someone else. The stories make people believe anything and everything is possible. People started to read and listen to them over the radio which made some characters become icons. This includes Superman, The Lone Ranger and Batman, who are all well-known heroes in the modern era of comics.

Tyler Jorgenson, Senior said “I’ve never really been interested in reading comics, though they seem very interesting and I love the movies, I’d like to check them out.”

DC comics really started the comic era with the release of Action Comics #1 featuring Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. It released in 1938 and drew many publishers to try their hand at making popular superheros. Although Superman made comics popular, it was Fawcett Comics, Captain Marvel, which brought in 1.4 Million sales per issue. Then with World War 2, companies like Timely Comics capitalized on the war by making an iconic character Captain America created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. There are a lot of characters, who do not get credit for their accomplishments and eventually have begun to fade, to where less and less people know about them. There has been estimated over a thousand comic book characters made, some of them have become well-known others have been forgotten altogether. What is known for sure is that there will always be comic-book characters influencing lives all around the world.

There are some comics that have been completely erased from history and that can’t be found. Then there are comics with only a few issues left that are worth immense amounts of money. Some examples would be Action Comics # 1, which has an estimated worth of $4.28 million, Detective Comics # 1 has a worth of two million three hundred and eighty thousand dollars. If someone were to find one of these in an attic or basement it would be wise to hold onto them if the reader is a fan of comics. If not then the viewer could sell the comics and get a lot of money for them. Even if it is a newer comic there is still a chance the the seller could get more money, even though it would be hard and it would be unlikely, there are still new comics that could make you big bucks, for example Batman New 52 issue one and Captain America issue one, if you have a number one comic, eventually it will most likely be worth a lot of money. If the reader is a comic-book fan they should look out for new number issues coming out, cause the more the collector has the more they are likely to have a rare comic somewhere.

Nick Drabner said, “I haven’t read many comics, but the once I have are interesting, I wish there were more places to get them, they are kinda hard to find.”

Some of the most recognizable story arcs for modern fans, would be Batman The Dark Knight by Frank Miller, Civil War by Mark Millar and Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. These are only a few iconic comic-books worth checking out. If the reader is interested in finding any of these stories, they could check them out at a library, buy them online or at a Barnes and Noble. There are countless more ways to get a copy of comics and comic book shops, which have become rare, would definitely be a great source to get comics.