Counselors benefit from class change policy

Xylina Session, Editor-in-Chief

A recent poll of a portion of the student body conducted by the Warrior Ledger revealed that 62.2% of students made schedule changes this semester. Implemented freshly this year the new class change policy requires students who wish to make a schedule change to fill out a form after referring to the class change matrix to see where adjustments can be made.

Counselor Eric Timpson recalls the process before the policy was enforced.“We would fill up up to seven sheets of names to go through and have to call them down. Or we would have students lined up down the hall here waiting to try to fix their schedule or make a class change and that was chaos. That was really crazy,” he said. “What’s nice now is we have a spreadsheet that has the names organized in the order they were submitted. We are able to go through them quicker.”

Even so, 70.6% of the student body answered ‘no’ when asked if they felt that the new, Online-only Class Change policy made schedule changes easier.

This opinion may be linked to the quickly advanced date of midterms –reports rolled in three weeks after term started. Pressure is applied on both student and counselor when class reports are flying in even when schedules aren’t finalized yet. Some students reported being in class two days before midterms.

Reforms and new policies may arise in order to satisfy the needs of both counselors and students in scheduling processes, as to increase efficiency. If the fibs of schedule changes can be easier put out of the way, the pressure of racing midterms are more approachable. “[Class changes] are a crucial part, but we don’t want it to be an all-encompassing thing,” said Timpson.