Make a Wave builds school spirit


Sierra Bryant

To mark this year’s school theme, “Make A Wave”, student body officers painted the floor in the Commons, creating a wave made out of multiple hand prints.

Sierra Bryant, Reporter

“Make a Wave” is Taylorsville 2016/2017 theme. At first it was a little hard to understand but the school’s senior SBO President Camry Puola explained it perfectly. ”I believe that as a school we can come together and make a difference like a big wave, and everybody plays their part nobody is unimportant just like no drop of water is unimportant and a wave makes a difference and I think making a difference is the most important thing.”

I’ve heard teachers talk about the whole school being one instead of separate groups that all go to the same school. Our school has always been known for the ability to come together and support each other but how well do they do that? Some kids skip assemblies, and not the entire school population attends sporting events, well some are working or have family events but what about the students that simply don’t go just because.

Some students think the idea behind “Make a Wave” is great and worth a shot, but not easily obtained. Ricky Roggers and Icess Overstreet both seniors, said it would be great but it’s not very likely to get everyone on board with this theme. They did however say how more students could participate.
Overstreet said “Meeting new friends would be somewhere to start.”

Roggers added, “Like little get togethers with little groups that will maybe grow overtime maybe you can get together and do activities that are school related but you’d have to get more students aware of it.”

Roggers and Overstreet also believe the school and individual students can benefit from this such as kids that have social anxiety or have academic struggles and no one would really be alone.

Taylorsville is a school where we all support one another or at least should. Make a Wave is good for the school to help us identify all as Warriors and not the cliques that we fit in. You may be in one extracurricular activity but that doesn’t mean you can’t show support or even be a part of others.

Assistant principal, Mr. Lessuma said “A wave is togetherness and we move together as a school, as one body; Individually we probably won’t make an impact but if we come together we can make an impact.”

So how can we make a wave? Well there’s plenty of activities you can join or just support, make new friends at lunch or in class. We’re all Warriors, not individual Warriors.

Byanca Ramirez a senior shared her opinion of how we can make a wave as a school. “I feel like if we got more people involved and if more people were involved this year and that’s what it should be about we should get more people involved to make a wave.”

The school needs to come together to make a wave; we can help everyone be involved when we all come together and support each other.