Student Spotlight: Natalie Stratton

Ana Zamora, Reporter

Natalie Stratton is a kind, outgoing, and smart student at Taylorsville.

Not only does Stratton have a packed school year, but she also had a packed summer. She made time for hobbies and a few other activities, “I was a blacksmith apprentice over the summer”. She says that her large amount of hobbies, including knitting and spinning, contribute to her standing out from other students.

A member of Hope Squad and the National Honor Society, Stratton has two jobs, takes AP and Honors classes, and fits in time to be a part of this year’s play Kiss Me Kate.

Stratton attends early morning seminary along with having AP and honors classes. She says that high level classes have always been a part of her life, “They’ve placed me, while I was in first grade, in a gifted program”. Which has helped her to also take college courses, such as Math 1050 and 1060.

A former gymnast herself, Stratton is a gymnastics and tumbling coach who went back to teach 4 to 16 year olds. As one of her two jobs, it’s something that means a lot to her, “My coaching is my life, my kids are so important to me[… ]. They are always this bright little smile in my life”.

Her other jobs is at Taylorsville local, Fiiz. While being a coach is very important, her job at Fiiz is where she is able to connect with her fellow peers at Taylorsville. “Fiiz is a fun place where I can go and socialize”.

Even with two jobs, Statton enjoys having them both in her life, since they offer different environments.

When asked how she makes time for all of her responsibilities, Stratton confesses that it can get a bit hard, but she does the best she can. One thing that often doesn’t get the attention Stratton wishes, is community service, “I do as much as I can.”