Student council about to make a wave


Daniel Martinez

(From the top left to bottom right) Taylor Cherry, Bryan Lozano, Bryson Vincent, Rylee Holt, John Doe, and Sebastian Colderon pose in front of the Taylorsville Warrior statue.

Ana Zamora, Reporter

In theory, a student council is meant to hear voices from all clubs and organizations in one place. How is this different from the student government that is already in place? While the student government does take into consideration what other groups need or would like, student government is limited in doing everything for every group.

The student council will meet once a month to address upcoming events and existing concerns from every group that is going to be involved. It is meant to get all events out to the students, so that every group gets the coverage needed.

This proposed student council is planned to have at least one person from each group, club, sports team, or organization that take place in school meet together to address all concerns that they may have.

Mr. Brown, who is in charge of the baseball team and Latinos In Action, was the one to propose a student council. It has been a lot of work and effort, but it seems as if this year will be the year that the council finally comes to be.

When asked why he proposed the council, Brown said, “I’ve always thought if we could find a way to get all of these groups in the same room, they might see how similar they are and forge new relationships.” Taylorsville is known for its diversity, and the student council is meant to help promote what already exists within the school.

While there are a few that assume the council will be the same thing as the current running student government, they are different. The student council would consist of more students, one from each organization would be a part of the ultimate council.

While the current student government’s main focus is on creating dances and activities for the student body to attend, it’s hard for them to know all the issues that some organizations may be facing.
Stephanie Caratachea, LIA’s School Outreach and one of the captains for this year’s girl’s soccer team says,”It’s more like they are there to create activities”.

Caratachea also believes that to have a more involved student body, we all have to be willing to put in the effort. Which is where the council would come in, becoming the bridge between groups to have better communication.

There are large dreams attached to the council. Finally a safe place where a sports team can mention issues that have been on their mind for a while, or where an organization would like to inform others on their upcoming plans. The council’s pure purpose to to help strengthen the community. Students would get a better feel for what is actually happening in Taylorsville.

As Brown put it, it would be great to see “a thousand students show up just to hang out”. Once the council has been fully established, there could be a lot of improvements to involve everyone, coming from various parties.

After all, Brown is right in saying, “There is no assembly or activity that is going to magically bring students together. You need to involve people in the process and be willing to reach across the aisle”. The council is all about teamwork to get everyone’s events out to the school body.