Jostens offers students school memorabilia


Arianna Jones

This year’s Jostens merchandise is displayed for students.

Pearl Asthon, Reporter

“We will have rings and things and fine array!” Yes, this isn’t Taming of the Shrew but Shakespeare’s quote ties into what a lot of students have been looking at, thanks to Jostens.

Jostens came to Taylorsville High school a little bit ago, advertising their rings and things, and to Seniors they advertised their graduation paraphernalia.

Jostens isn’t the only place to get class rings and things. It is just easier because they come to high schools. Students can go to Herff Jones and Balfour online. Jostens is also available online, so if students missed the date for the rings there is still a way for students to splurge all students money and not go through the school.

Junior Leilani Didier said, “My experience was that online students could create students own which I thought was really brilliant because students could actually visualize it on the screen so students know what it looks like without guessing.”

Connie H, an online representative of Jostens, said, “It is kind of easier when placing the order either online or over the telephone as we can review the details to ensure that all is correct and it also goes immediately to the plant to start production. students can also view the ring online and do cost comparisons as well as design variations to see what looks best. It is possible to students to design the ring online and turn in the printed quote as the order event that also allows students to know that students filled it out correctly. Ordering at school is nice as well, as it is a class event that students do together.”

If students explore the site, they my notice that there isn’t only sweatshirts and rings. They have shirts, shorts, jerseys, blankets, cinch bags, duffel bags, backpacks, tote bags, pajamas, hats, polos, laptop sleeves, towels, sweats, and even dog bandanas, because everyone knows that dog bandanas are important for graduation. What kind of person doesn’t have a dog that shows off school spirit! Anyway, the point is, they have a lot of things that you can personalize that are for Taylorsville High school. You can even buy things from different schools if that’s what your heart desired.

Jostens is expensive. Most high school students can’t afford it. They have to go through their parents’ money to get the rings and things they need for graduation.

Didier said,“The prices are really expensive. students could go into debt if students don’t have the right money. I spent around $300 on my ring and that was just the basic stuff.”

Do they really need to charge students that exuberant amount they charge? Most high school students don’t have time for jobs to pay for graduation. The ones who do have jobs have them to pay for other extracurricular activities like tour, sports, or competitions. Senior Byanca Ramirez said, “I feel like they don’t need [the cost] to be that much.”

Students don’t need to spend a lot of money for the ring though. People overthink it. If students buy the basic ring it isn’t as much, and it still can look great. Students also can use J-pay (3 payments over time) to pay for the ring, so students aren’t overwhelmed with paying the amount.

The rings are made fairly quickly too. Connie H. said, “Normal production time is 4-6 weeks for basic metals and 6-8 weeks for any of the cast metals. This does not include shipping.”

Lots of students just don’t need it or want it. Senior Alayna Bentley said, “ I already have a lot of school paraphernalia from the activities I am in at school. The only thing I really wanted was the cap, gown and tassel. The most important part is that I’m graduating. Those basics are just enough for me.

Even if students want all the things they offer, or if they don’t, Jostens is still a good business that is easy to get all your graduation things done in one swoop, even if it is a bit pricey.