Taylorsville gears up for Clash of Class during Spirit Week


Rae Thomas

Taylorsville SBOs are ready to promote Spirit Week 2017.

Anthony Do, Guest Writer

Have you been participating in any events this year? If not, here is your chance! The 2017 Spirit Week is coming up in February and this year will be a “Beach Party!”

We will be having a Clash of Class and may the best class win.  This means participating and helping out in events hosted by the Student Body Officers to win points for your grade.  

Every day will be a different dress up day and on the last day everyone wears their class colors.  Sophomores wear white, Juniors wear yellow, and Seniors wear blue!

Every time you dress up for each day, you will get points for your grade!

One can also get points by participating in lunch activities and finding the famous Spirit Sticks which will be worth the most points! These Spirit Sticks will be well hidden and some lucky students will be able to find them throughout the school.  

At the end of the week, there will be a massive assembly to rally up the points and see who should be declared the winner of this year’s Clash of Class.  It is time to raise your voices because the 2017 Clash of Class is almost here!