HOPE Week wraps up year


Oliver Fierro, Reporter

Charity Week has come and gone along with this years Christmas music, Spirit Week ended with a roaring victory by the seniors, now the quiet halls give way to Taylorsville High Schools’ HOPE Squad. Run by said HOPE Squad, Hope week will be held April 23 through the 27 and will be dedicated to bringing awareness to suicide prevention and mental illness. Each day will involve a lunch activity as well as the club members offering information on the topic at their table. They will also be doing HOPE Grams so students can send someone they care about a nice note and the club will be handing them out with with a piece of candy. They will be delivering them throughout the week.

The club will start the week off with suicide awareness day on Monday. They will be providing sticky notes and markers for fellow students to write some words of encouragement that will be put up around the school at the end of the week. They will also be hosting a social media challenge under the hashtag #TvilleHOPEsquad where followers are encouraged to post a picture with someone who makes you smile as well as a quote that has helped you in your life.

On Tuesday, the social media challenge for the day will be to  Squad will be partnering with Mr. Negley for a guided meditation during lunch for Anxiety Awareness Day. They hope to help students take a step back and let themselves calm down for a bit. Wednesday will be Health Awareness Day, students will be encouraged to wear a shirt that matches a color that represents a certain illness. This can be something they are dealing with or for someone they know is dealing with that illness. During lunch, the club will have a banner for students to color on and share their experiences.

Thursday will be a day for Depression Awareness. Club members and counselors will be there during lunch to share their self-help tips as well as share resources they’ve found helpful. They will be posting their favorite song lyrics on social media for the daily challenge and challenging other people to do the same. Friday will be the positive day. Students at lunch will be able to come and write something they can be positive about on a leaf and stick it to the positivi-tree in the commons during both lunches.