LDS Teen Participation around the Valley Spreads Joy


Tysen Christensen, Reporter

From March 18, 2018 to May 20, 2018, teenagers from across the Salt Lake valley have been preparing for the rededication of the LDS Jordan River Temple. From sharing images on Instagram to going out in their communities serving the people around them.

Youth have been sharing their experiences through the tag #jrtready on social media platforms everywhere. Prompts such as “Spread Smiles Today- Post a Funny Face Selfie” and “Pics of your friends with #readythroughgoodfriends.” Each picture is unique to each person.

Many people sharing pictures of friends, family and strangers. The smiles cover Instagram feeds everywhere. Scriptures, quotes, and personal beliefs are captions of each of these pictures. “Good Samaritan Day” was another challenge to push youth to serve around the Salt Lake Valley.

People breaking out of their comfort zones. Talking to random people, and sharing things about themselves to others they meet at activities.

Youth volunteer as dancers, singers, and narrators dedicating their time inside and outside of school. Improving their skills to make their performance on the 19th of May. Spending saturdays that they could with friends at practices honing their skills to make it in time for the rededication celebration.

“For the orchestra part I have been practicing, memorizing, putting a lot of work into these songs. [I practice] each song five times a day for about an hour.” said Daniel Powers, Senior.

These activities are mainly youth planned and the actions taken out for them are by the youth in the valley. The outdoor concert that was put on was planned and coordinated by youth and leaders.

The rededication of the LDS Jordan River Temple means a lot to these youth all around the valley. With 17000 youth that attend this temple these activities really push them to attend the temple. Through the past weeks many youth have stretched out of their comfort zones and meet new people.