SBOs hope for more school spirit this year


Diana Nguyen

Action shot from the 2018 Homecoming football game. It is the aim of the SBOs to increase school spirit and increase attendance to school activities.

Callé Hansen, Opinion Editor

Fall is here, and with it comes the many different sports teams competing and opportunities for students to prove their Taylorsville pride. With football, volleyball, girl’s tennis, and soccer, boy’s golf, cross country meets, and weekly games, students can go and support their fellow peers as they compete against other schools.

It isn’t hard to see the difference in school pride between Taylorsville and other schools such as Alta.

Kelsie Benson, a senior at Alta says, “In the past, we would do a doom chant against teams we were playing. At one of Alta’s rival games, some of the students ran across the football field in speedos.”

   In the past years, student attendance at school activities has been dwindling and Warrior Pride fading away into history. However, the student body officers this year are fighting to prevent the extinction of school spirit here at Taylorsville.

“All the SBOs realized that last year we didn’t have a lot of school spirit, and so this year we are trying to make activities that are fun and will get students involved, including sporting activities. We realized last year that we have a lot that is struggling but we can still have fun even if they are struggling. The spirit bus was fun even though we lost,” Vice President Nephi William said. “We struggle with sports, but at the same time, that doesn’t need to be the problem. We can still have fun. And I feel like there are a lot of people with school spirit, but they don’t go because they feel like they don’t want to go alone so they don’t show up. There are ten people who don’t want to go alone but in reality, they won’t be alone.”

On August 24, the Taylorsville football teams played Lehi, and students had the opportunity to ride on the ‘spirit bus.’ Students went all out on the theme ‘USA’ by wearing onesies, patriotic colors, and even drawing flags on their skin. They hyped up by loudly playing music while entering Lehi’s field. The entire game the students and the cheer team rallied the team. Even without the winning points on our side, the warriors left the game in a good mood.

It is times like these, where even when the team loses, warriors can show their pride by just being there to support.

Student Body President Daniel Fairborn says, “We have a lot of promotions for our games and [there] are activities where we are trying to make things cheaper for the students and more fun like the spirit bus and the stomp and other such activities that are easily accessible for the students.”

   There are a lot of other groups other than the football team that are just as important to support such as the musical coming up in October, or the other sports teams competing right now.

   Williams says, “ I feel like it makes everything more fun and easier to come to school. If you are having fun at activities, you are going to want to come to more activities, and support others. And then when you have your activity or you are in a play or if you do something like that, then people will come [to] support you because you supported them. It makes friends and makes things fun.” He continues, “The thing about Taylorsville is they are very supportive when they are being supported.”

   This year has many fun activities and games that the students at Taylorsville have the opportunity to participate in. High School is more than just academics; it is about the memories students make outside of the eight hour day.

   “My wish for Taylorsville is that at the end of the year we look back, and we say that we enjoyed every activity that we went to and we didn’t regret anything that happened and we had fun throughout all the year and we made it that best that we could,” Fairborn says.